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HAART Sick Hoax: Putting in Perspective Writer Celia Farber's Yarn of Half-Truths

Under the flimsy guise of serious medical reportage, a recent article boldly proclaimed, "In 1996 a scientist claimed he'd found a way to defeat AIDS. In the wave of euphoria that followed, a batch of new drugs flooded the market. Four years later, t...


Lipodystrophy Update: HAL in 2001 -- A Fat Oddity

Just as HIV disease progression is highly variable, so too is the aftermath of successful suppression with the new highly active antiviral therapies (HAART). One disturbing newly emerging syndrome, commonly referred to as HIV-associated lipodystrophy...


What Price Efavirenz?

DuPont Pharmaceutical's new drug efavirenz (Sustiva) has enjoyed a favored position among treatment activists, offering both high levels of antiviral activity and a simplified dosing regimen. The company has worked to build a harmonious relationship ...