Laura LeMoon

Laura LeMoon is a sex worker, trafficking survivor, and writer based in Seattle. She has written for them Huffington Post and is the co-founder of Safe Night Access Project Seattle, a nonprofit aimed at providing outreach to street-based sex workers. She can be found eating Mexican food in bed with her dog, Little Bear.

Categories Covered:Other Populations, HIV Stigma and Discrimination

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HIV and Racism as a Barrier to Testing and Treatment

Racism as a barrier to accessing testing and treatment for HIV is an issue that is rarely discussed in white-dominated gay communities.

By Tranisha Darlene Arzah, Jake Ketchum and Laura LeMoon

What Sex Workers Have to Say About HIV After FOSTA/SESTA

Despite its promise of protecting victims of exploitation, sex workers themselves say they're paying the price for irresponsible anti-trafficking legislation.

By Jake Ketchum and Laura LeMoon