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Harlem United Forced to Pay $27K in Brokers' Fees Due to HASA Cuts

In March, the Bloomberg Administration stopped paying brokers' fees for HASA clients to obtain housing. The result? Harlem United has paid out over $27,000 in broker's fees to get its clients into permanent housing -- a burden the organization says i...

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Homeless People

Couch Surfing Is "Adequate Shelter" Says Homeless Commish Seth Diamond

NYC Homeless Commissioner Seth Diamond told the City Council today that couch surfing, or crashing with a friend or relative is "adequate shelter." Diamond was reporting to the Council's General Welfare Committee on the controversial plan to require ...

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Gottfried "Disappointed" in Gov's Medicaid Team Over Transgender Proposal

Transgender health activists got a boost at Tuesday's Medicaid Redesign Team (MRT) meeting from NYS Assemblymember Richard Gottfried.

At the meeting, Gottfried said that a proposal to use Medicaid to cover transgender-related healthcare deserved to ...

David Munar: Making "the People's HIV Plan" a National Reality Img
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David Munar: Making "the People's HIV Plan" a National Reality

Without the work of many U.S. activists, such as David Munar, the U.S. National HIV/AIDS Strategy may never have happened. Kenyon Farrow explains how Munar, who recently became CEO of the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, believed that the strategy should ...

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David Munar: Creando "El Plan del Pueblo Contra el VIH" una Realidad Nacional

Sin el trabajo de muchos activistas de EE.UU., tales como David Munar, la estrategia nacional de VIH para EE.UU. (NHAS), que fue lanzada en julio de 2010 por la Oficina de política nacional de SIDA de Estados Unidos, no hubiera ocurrido nunca.

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New Study Shows Black Gay Men Think Masculine Men Are Less Likely to Have HIV

Young, black, gay men tend to prefer being in a relationship with men they perceive as "masculine" -- and often incorrectly assume that those masculine men are less likely to have HIV, according to recent research. Kenyon Farrow explores this new stu...

HIV/AIDS Community Spotlight: People Who Made a Difference in 2010 Img
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HIV/AIDS Community Spotlight: People Who Made a Difference in 2010

If you think one person can't make a difference, you're flat-out wrong: Without the people we've highlighted in this article (and many, many other amazing people), living with HIV today might be no better than it was 30 years ago. These HIV/AIDS advo...