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Mississippi AIDS Activists Brace for Health Budget Slash

Mississippi AIDS activists are bracing for a $10 million cut proposed by the new state legislature that would take the State Department of Health budget to levels last seen in 1990.

"With Governor Bryant in office, we're in for hard times," says Luk...

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Underground Market for HIV Meds: The New "War on Drugs?"

Could the underground sales of HIV medications could become a new extension of the "War on Drugs?"

This week, three different news stories ran in NYC press about the underground market of HIV drugs being sold, mostly to reach shores outside of the U...

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Interview: HRSA Discusses Planned ADAP Study

Most AIDS activists have been watching in shock as the ADAP waiting list rolls yo-yo up and down, as more and more people with HIV are finding themselves with intermittent treatment, limited treatment options, or no treatment at all. This week I fou...

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Report: Most Doctors Think Patients' Health Tied to Social Needs

Most doctors agree with us: Housing works.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation just released the findings of a survey of 1000 primary care physicians and pediatricians. They found that 4 out of 5 doctors believe that a patients' social needs are jus...

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Cuomo's State of the State Short on Justice for Transgender New Yorkers

At yesterday's "State of the State" address, Governor Cuomo recalled his victories on social justice issues like the passage of marriage equality and the closing of several prisons in New York State last year. But while announcing his legislative pla...

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Medicaid Redesign Team Recommends Housing Supports for People With HIV

Cuomo's Medicaid Redesign Team approved the affordable housing proposal, which recommended some affordable housing supports for people with HIV. Housing Works has advocated a 30% rent cap for people with HIV for many years.

The final report of the A...

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New York's New HASA Policy Snubs People With Substance Abuse Issues

Anyone knows that it's counterproductive to refuse to house people who are poor, living with HIV and have substance abuse problems, right?

Anyone, that is, besides Human Resources Administration Commissioner Robert Doar.

Doar recently announced in ...

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Video: A Conversation With Rev. Charles King and Harmony Santana

A frank discussion from the PBS series In The Life about HIV prevention and the National AIDS Strategy with the Reverend Charles King, CEO of Housing Works, and actress Harmony Santana from the critically acclaimed film Gun Hill Road.

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Harlem United Forced to Pay $27K in Brokers' Fees Due to HASA Cuts

In March, the Bloomberg Administration stopped paying brokers' fees for HASA clients to obtain housing. The result? Harlem United has paid out over $27,000 in broker's fees to get its clients into permanent housing -- a burden the organization says i...

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Couch Surfing Is "Adequate Shelter" Says Homeless Commish Seth Diamond

NYC Homeless Commissioner Seth Diamond told the City Council today that couch surfing, or crashing with a friend or relative is "adequate shelter." Diamond was reporting to the Council's General Welfare Committee on the controversial plan to require ...

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