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Trump's Firing of the HIV Advisory Council Was Bad, but We've Been Here Before

The Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS can speed up the path to the end of AIDS, or it can create more roadblocks. And that's why it still matters -- regardless who the members are, Kenyon Farrow writes.

By Kenyon Farrow

Looking Back on 2017 in HIV/AIDS, and What's in Store for 2018

The political climate challenges our ability to keep making gains in ending the epidemic, even as we're beginning to see some new possibilities for success.

By Kenyon Farrow

What's the Future of HIV Criminalization Activism? An Interview With Trevor Hoppe

After 30-plus years of states using laws to criminalize people living with HIV for exposure or transmission, the movement to change these laws has gained momentum. Trevor Hoppe, Ph.D., discusses the history and present-day activism.

By Kenyon Farrow

Untying Tongues: A Conversation With Darryl Stephens on Joseph Beam, Black Gay Men, and Ending HIV Stigma

The Noah's Arc actor discusses Joseph Beam and what Black gay men can do today to fight HIV stigma.

By Kenyon Farrow

Making Black Gay Lives Matter: A Conversation With Darryl Stephens on the Impact of Joseph Beam (and Noah's Arc)

Honoring the birthday of late black gay writer and activist Joseph Beam, actor Darryl Stephens discusses the legacy of Beam, as well as his own in the breakout show Noah's Arc.

By Kenyon Farrow

Are We Punishing Diseases or Punishing People? An Interview With Trevor Hoppe

Should we use criminal law to address infectious disease? Is criminal punishment an appropriate response to a public health matter such as HIV? These are the central questions in a new book by Trevor Hoppe, Ph.D.

By Kenyon Farrow

RIP: Honoring the Life of Antron-Reshaud Olukayode

The young "artivist" and blogger for is remembered by community.

By Kenyon Farrow and Ken Stockwell

Beyond Tuskegee: A Case for a Racial Justice Agenda in Treatment and Research

"Recent studies of Black communities' attitudes regarding HIV show that ... rumors and conspiracies have continued to persist, and yet few, if any, public health approaches have been funded to directly engage communities in these myths and to provide...

By Kenyon Farrow for Treatment Action Group

For Me And My Brother: Black Gay Activists From Two Generations Discuss HIV and Leading a Movement

Kenyon Farrow spoke with two activists living with HIV to hear, from their perspectives, where activism fits into the work to change the course of the epidemic for black gay men's lives.

By Kenyon Farrow for Test Positive Aware Network

Greed and the Necessity for Regulation

"The story of U.S. drug pricing run amok isn't just about corporate arrogance and avarice -- it is also about government permissiveness and inaction," write Tim Horn, Erica Lessem and Kenyon Farrow.

By Tim Horn, Kenyon Farrow and Erica Lessem for Treatment Action Group