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The Southern Healing Fund Wants to Bring Innovative and Progressive Mental Health Care to African Americans Who Need It Most

Access to much-needed mental health care isn't easy to come by for people of color -- especially in the South -- but The Southern Healing Fund wants to help fill these public health gaps for those who cannot afford care.

By Kellee Terrell

6 Reasons Why People Skip Their HIV Meds

We all know it’s important to take HIV medications every day, but let’s face it: It’s not always the easiest thing to do. Here are six key obstacles that can block the way between you and your meds – and tips on how to get past them.

By Kellee Terrell

Interested in Having Gender-Affirming Surgery? Keep These Four Pieces of Advice in Mind

An all-trans group of surgery recipients and providers gives you the scoop on what you need to know.

By Kellee Terrell

Transforming Television: 12 Trans Performers We Love!

Yes, Hollywood has much more work to do, but never have we seen this many trans characters on network, cable and streaming TV.

By Kellee Terrell

Why Do People Still Think Magic Johnson Doesn't Have HIV?

Kellee Terrell empathizes with that little voice in your mind that wants to believe Magic is cured or AIDS is manmade. But if we don't surrender to science, she says, the ones we hurt are ourselves.

By Kellee Terrell

Transforming Lives: How the Medical Community Can Help Transgender Women Living With HIV Reach Their Golden Years

With so much talk about aging with HIV, how does the conversation change when gender identity is added to the mix?

By Kellee Terrell for Test Positive Aware Network

Waheedah Shabazz-El Finds Spiritual Freedom as a Muslim Woman With HIV

"This is spiritual work, and I feel as if I am spiritually guided," explains Shabazz-El of the U.S. Positive Women's Network (PWN). "My story is one where God has purposely placed people in my life."

By Kellee Terrell

You Want PrEP, but Your Doctor Disagrees

If there are two things that we know about PrEP, the first is that it's super effective in reducing risk of HIV. The second is that bringing it up with your provider can trigger stigma. Here's what you can do.

By Kellee Terrell for Test Positive Aware Network

Making Good on the Promise of PrEP

If you look at Jim Pickett's 20-year career, it's hard to believe that this wasn't his intended path.

By Kellee Terrell for Test Positive Aware Network

Why I Got Tested for HIV: Verneda White

To help destigmatize HIV/AIDS testing, commemorate National HIV Testing Day 2014 and remind women about the importance of getting tested, The Black AIDS Institute sat down with blogger Verneda White, 30, to talk about her most recent HIV test, what s...

By Kellee Terrell for The Black AIDS Institute