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Incarcerated People

Collected Wisdom on Your First Steps Out of Prison

Body Positive recently caught up with Steve Nessleroth, Director of the AIDS in Prison Program. In addition to all the other work Steve does, he has been supervising the final work on the soon-to-be-released updates of two books which compile a lot o...

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Picking Up the Insurance Bill

You know that old commercial where the guy is shaving, and he says "I liked the shave I got with this razor so much that I bought the company"? That’s how I feel about ADAP -- the AIDS Assistance Program.

Now, I'm not HIV-positive, and I don't presu...

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White Women and HIV

Illustation by Eugenia Morrison It was my third day of calling HIV service organizations to talk about white women and AIDS, and things were rapidly going downhill. Finally, after several days of calling various AIDS organizations across the country,...

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Substance Use

Recreational Drugs, Methadone and Protease Inhibitors

Do protease inhibitors make heroin stronger or weaker? Every day brings a variety of questions to the Treatment Education Project, an initiative of the Staten Island AIDS Task Force. A common request is for information about protease inhibitors, stre...