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HIV Profile: Gene Anthony Ray -- A Blog Entry by Justin B. Terry-Smith

Whatever happened to "Leroy" from the 1980s film/TV hit Fame? Blogger Justin B. Terry pays tribute to the HIV-positive actor, who died in 2003. It's the latest of Justin's monthly profiles of well-known people who have been infected with or affect...

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You Are Not Alone: A Video Blog Entry by Justin B. Terry-Smith

Today I decided to make a "You Are Not Alone" video because of the many suicides that are happening in the LGBTQ Youth. Many of these beautiful young people are committing suicide because of bullying in school.

I can empathize with this. In middle s...

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D.C. Mayoral Candidate Wants HIV Status on Driver's Licenses: A Video Blog Entry by Justin B. Terry-Smith

Leo Alexander is one of the candidates for the Washington, D.C. Mayoral Election. A couple of weeks ago on August 11th Alexander made a statement at a Forum that he will push for HIV testing at the DMV [Department of Motor Vehicles]. If most of you...

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Personal Stories

My Journey to Self-Esteem

Sometimes people ask me how I find the courage to be out as a Black gay man and HIV/AIDS activist. These days it's just who I am. I have great self-esteem, but that hasn't always been true. Developing a sense of my own self-worth hasn't been easy. ...

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A Visit to the Acupuncturist: A Video Blog Entry by Justin B. Terry-Smith

There are a lot of things we as HIV positive people have to look out for. But one of our main enemies is stress. You can take all the medication you want, eat all the good food that nourishes your body, and have all the protected sex anyone can have,...

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Out-of-State Same-Sex Marriage in Maryland? A Video Blog Entry by Justin B. Terry-Smith

In 2006, on Memorial Day weekend, I found out that I was HIV positive. I didn't think I'd ever be loved or love someone else at all. I also felt bad because I couldn't have children and my parents would be so disappointed in me. Being in a relationsh...

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Justin's HIV Journal: High Steaks vs. High Cholesterol: A Video Blog Entry by Justin B. Terry-Smith

This article originally appeared in Black AIDS Weekly, the newsletter of the Black AIDS Institute, on Feb. 9.

People who take certain HIV medications often get high cholesterol as a side effect of the drugs. Recently my doctor told me that I have hi...

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Tiger Woods and HIV/AIDS, Revisited: A Video Blog Entry by Justin B. Terry-Smith

Many people had very strong reactions to the first post I wrote about Tiger Woods, on Dec. 23, 2009. The responses people shared drove me to make another go at this blog entry, so readers and viewers would better understand what I was getting at in t...

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HIV/AIDS and the Black Church: A Video Blog Entry by Justin B. Terry-Smith

I've always wondered why my community of gay black men has been hit the hardest by HIV/AIDS, especially in the D.C. area. Then I thought, there are a number of reasons why this is the case.

When HIV/AIDS first came out in the public eye, a lot of pe...

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Personal Stories

Justin B. Smith on Being Public About Living With HIV: A Video Blog Entry by Justin B. Terry-Smith

My name is Justin B. Smith. I'm the writer and producer of Justin's HIV Journal and this is the first time I've written for I'm so very happy to be here to be able to talk with all of you guys and I hope to be writing here a lot.

A coup...