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Justin Goes Skydiving: A Blog Entry by Justin B. Terry-Smith

When someone is diagnosed with HIV, almost immediately a person's mindset changes; the mindset most often turns into a negative way of thinking. I've learned that I cannot let HIV dictate how I live my life, as long as it turns into a healthier way...

By Justin B. Terry-Smith

What About Black LGBT Pride?

"I will say this: [Black Pride] means I'm proud to be a black, gay, married father and leatherman who happens to know his HIV status!"

By Patrick Ingram and Justin B. Terry-Smith

Why Is There a Black Gay Pride? A Blog Entry by Justin B. Terry-Smith

DC BLACK GAY PRIDE: Well it's been a long time. I've not been in about 5-6 years. Well it's about time I come back. I've missed a vital part of who I am and a community that needs me. I can't wait to enjoy the festivities, and if you hate it leave ...

By Justin B. Terry-Smith

Antoine Dodson Renounces Homosexuality: A Blog Entry by Justin B. Terry-Smith

YouTube pseudo celebrity Antoine Dodson has publicly renounced homosexuality, announcing on Facebook and TMZ that he has become a "True Chosen Hebrew Israelite descendant of Judah," is "no longer into homosexuality" and now wants a wife.....GURL PL...

By Justin B. Terry-Smith

Justin on the Guys at Brunch Show Talking About Living With HIV/AIDS

This is the show Guys At Brunch. I was on the show back in 2011. It was amazing but I love these guys so I had to post it here.

The Guys at Brunch was formed to bring engaging intellectual conversation to family and friends everywhere around the b...

By Justin B. Terry-Smith

Raw Sex, Roulette Parties, HIV/AIDS and BDSM: A Blog Entry by Justin B. Terry-Smith

Justin's HIV Journal: Justin talks about Raw Sex, Roulette Parties, HIV/AIDS & BDSM

By Justin B. Terry-Smith

First Lady Michelle Obama Speaks to the USDA: A Blog Entry by Justin B. Terry-Smith

I haven't told anyone, but I had to take a break from school. So I'll be going back in June hopefully. I injured my foot so I couldn't play kickball anymore, and I just had to take a break from a lot of things. I even took a leave of absence from m...

By Justin B. Terry-Smith

How to Put on a Condom


2. Make sure the condom is pushed inside the wrapper opposite the end from which you are opening it.

3. Open condom wrapper but remember the condom can be torn by sharp objects. Only put on condom after there is ...

By Justin B. Terry-Smith

Just*In Time: HIV Advice Column for April 2013: A Blog Entry by Justin B. Terry-Smith

From "Just*in Time," Justin's column in A&U Magazine, America's AIDS Magazine.

_Justin I am struggling because I recently found out that my boyfriend tested positive for HIV during our relationship. It has been six months to date since this happen...

By Justin B. Terry-Smith

The Biohazard Tattoo and HIV Stigma

"There are many reasons why a person cannot be open about their status: It could be because of their family, friends, partner/s, fear of persecution, death, etc. But a lot of these reasons come from stigma."

By Justin B. Terry-Smith