Justin A. Lofton

Justin A. Lofton is a program coordinator at Nashville's Street Works and, in partnership with the HIV agency Nashville Cares, runs My House, a drop-in center for gay and bi men offering HIV prevention and treatment information and services.

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Categories Covered:African-Americans, Disclosing Your HIV Status, HIV Stigma and Discrimination, Gay Men, HIV Prevention and Transmission, PrEP (HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis)

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Comprehensive sex education is a public health issue that deserves a radical public health response, argues Justin A. Lofton.

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"It's so important for us to have these conversations with our families and loved ones, even if they're difficult and scary."

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Pimped by Working in HIV Prevention

"We cannot afford to continue turning a blind eye to the destructive language and culture within our workspaces that dehumanize and devalue our very existence," writes Justin A. Lofton.

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