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HIV/AIDS Community Spotlight: People Who Made a Difference in 2011 Img
Personal Stories

HIV/AIDS Community Spotlight: People Who Made a Difference in 2011

Table of Contents

Naina Khanna: Ensuring That Positive Women Get Their Due by Any Means Necessary The Positive Justice Project: Trying to Decriminalize HIV, One Case at a Time Ingrid Floyd: Meeting Harlem and the South Bronx Where They Are With ...

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How to Save Medicaid? Get on a Bus!

Join the growing movement for responsible Medicaid reform.

With the federal government looking to make drastic budget cuts, Medicaid is in serious peril.

ADAPT, a grassroots coalition of disability rights activists, is leading an effort to gather t...

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Incarcerated People

U.S. Could (Finally) Legalize Condoms in Prisons and Jails

A new bill would reverse the draconian policy of forbidding the distribution of condoms in federal correctional facilities, putting the U.S. in line with most European countries.

The legislation, called the Justice Act, was introduced by Rep. Barbar...

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Freedom! Chinese AIDS Activist Tian Xi Released

Chinese AIDS activist Tian Xi is free after a year in prison for destruction of property at the hospital where he was infected with HIV.

Tian, who has lobbied the Chinese government to compensate him and tens of thousands of others infected with HIV...

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Personal Stories

After a Decade Apart, a Dad Tells His Daughter He Has HIV

Once in a while, a story made for a movie plays out in the real world.

Euclides Vargas, 55, is a former disco dance instructor and speakeasy owner living in Brooklyn. He has HIV, lymphatic cancer and heart problems. He hadn't seen his only daughter ...

Conservative Republicans Spark Next Wave of Activist Birddogging Img

Conservative Republicans Spark Next Wave of Activist Birddogging

"Facing the most daunting political and economic climate in years, AIDS activists have relaunched efforts to follow presidential candidates on the campaign trail, challenging them to commit to funding the fight against global AIDS," Housing Works rep...

Trans Actress Goes From AIDS Street Outreach to Indie Darling Img

Trans Actress Goes From AIDS Street Outreach to Indie Darling

In the critically acclaimed new film Gun Hill Road, Harmony Santana shines as Michael/Vanessa, a Bronx teen who is transitioning into a woman and whose ex-con machismo father refuses to accept it. In this article from Housing Works, Santana, who is a...

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Anti-HIV Criminalization Bill Introduced

Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA) has introduced an unprecedented piece of legislation that could put an end to laws that impose cruel and unfair penalties on HIV-positive people in the U.S.

The bill, called the REPEAL HIV Discrimination Act, calls f...

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Video: Honoring Tracy Bumpus' Legacy

Last week, Housing Works celebrated the life of Tracy Bumpus, a former staffer and a champion for transgender rights who died in June.

Gathered in the cafeteria at Housing Works' East New York Health Center, friends danced, laughed and spoke of a wo...

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Personal Stories

Remembering Tracy Bumpus, a Hero in the Battle for Transgender Rights

When Tracy Bumpus died Friday, the Housing Works family lost a fiery former employee, a warrior for transgender rights, and a woman willing to make personal sacrifice in the name of social justice.

"She believed in fighting," said Daneisha McCoy, Bu...