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Vitamins, Minerals and Trace Elements

This excerpt is reprinted by permission of Jossey-Bass Inc. Publishers from Dr. Mary Romeyn's new book Nutrition and HIV: A New Model for Treatment. Dr. Romeyn is an internist on staff at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital in San Francisco, with a priva...

By Dr. Mary Romeyn for Jossey-Bass Inc.

I See Miracles All the Time

This chapter, "I See Miracles All The Time," has been excerpted with permission of the author from Sometimes My Heart Goes Numb: Love and Caregiving in a Time of AIDS by Charles Garfield with Cindy Spring and Doris Ober.Visit Jossey-Bass's Web Site a...

By Charles Garfield for Jossey-Bass Inc.

How Should I Act Around People with AIDS?

This excerpt is reprinted by permission of Jossey-Bass Inc., Publishers,from What Everyone Can Do to Fight AIDS,by Anne Garwood and Ben Melnick.

We get nervous. We avoid the subject. We look away. We don't want to know. We may not like to admit this...

By Anne Garwood and Ben Melnick for Jossey-Bass Inc.