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Jumpstarting the Immune System: A Look at Immune Restoration

Current therapies for treating HIV infection are not without limitations.

Adherence, drug levels and viral resistance are all paramount concerns. Some clinicians predict that upwards of 50 percent of individuals being treated with approved antiretro...

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Marinol Restrictions Eased

Marinol, a medication used to stimulate appetite and cope with nausea, will soon become easier and more convenient for people with HIV disease to receive, according to new federal guidelines.

Manufactured by Boehringer Ingelheim/Roxane Laboratories,...

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Manufacturer Agrees to Cease Unproved Claims About Noni Juice

Claims that Tahitian Noni Juice can cure diseases are no longer being made by Morinda, Inc., the product's manufacturer.

Noni Juice has long been talked about in the HIV community as an alternative therapy for the treatment of HIV disease. Morinda, ...