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Joel L. Zive

Joel Zive is a third-generation community pharmacist, Fulbright Scholar, and a Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health 2020 Executive MPH candidate. He is on the Integration of Care Committee within the HIV Health & Human Services Planning Council Of New York and AIDS Institute Pharmacy Planning & Partnership Committee.

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hospital discharge

How to Deal With the Anxiety of Going From Hospital to Home

Health worker and public health student Joel Zive, Pharm.D., writes about how listening to the people in your life and seeking mental health care can help you adjust after a hospital stay.

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Personal Stories

How to Empower Yourself While a Hospital Patient

Being admitted to a hospital can be an overwhelming time. But you deserve the best care, especially in an emergency -- here's how you can make sure that happens.

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Creating a Friendly Environment for Your HIV Medications

The article "A PK Primer," describes how our bodies process drugs and our growing understanding of pharmacokinetics. Just as our bodies absorb and process HIV medications (antiretrovirals), they absorb and process other substances as well.

The way...