Jermaine Wright

Jermaine Wright is a young, black, bisexual father of five who is also living with HIV. Following a period of service in the Army he is now at the Community AIDS Resource and Education Services of Southwest Michigan (CARES) where he promotes Mr. Friendly, a prevention tool used to raise awareness of the stigma associated with HIV. His mission is to reach out to other young black people living with HIV in a safe manner via his YouTube channel, PozLyfe09. For many youth, this is the only place they can go to discuss and share about living with HIV with someone who is open about his status and sexuality. Topics of his videos include: disclosure, dating, fathering a child post HIV diagnosis, passing on the virus, barebacking while HIV positive and more.

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Latest by Jermaine Wright

One Night: A Blog Entry by Jermaine Wright

One night of pleasure led to years of pain to follow. One night of hot sex in that Motel 6 in Maryland. That one time that I took those shots, and let my clothes fly all over. That one night I put on a show! Two other people sat in the double-bed roo...

By Jermaine Wright

24-Year-Old Former Porn Model Given an AIDS Diagnosis: A Blog Entry by Jermaine Wright

So I'm doing my usual Facebook searching, and came across a very interesting video of a former porn model who, at 24 years old, was diagnosed with AIDS. Justin Washington, more publicly known as Snow Bunni, recorded a video for The Luckey Star Blog o...

By Jermaine Wright

Your Status Does Not Determine Your Destiny: A Blog Entry by Jermaine Wright

"The X Factor will be holding auditions here in Denver, Colo., and I will definitely be there. This time I WILL disclose without fear of rejection. Simply being on a TV show is not a means of transmission."

By Jermaine Wright

Breaking the Silence on My Struggle With HIV Meds: A Blog Entry by Jermaine Wright

"What allows me to sit here and continue writing about life with HIV when I face so many struggles every day? Who am I to tell someone to be med compliant when I have built a resistance against Atripla because of my own foolishness?"

By Jermaine Wright

Gift Givers: A Video Blog Entry by Jermaine Wright

They're rare, but they're out there: "Bug chasers," or people who seek to become HIV positive, and "gift givers," or HIV-positive people who gladly help them achieve their goal. Jermaine Wright once found himself invited to a gift-giver party; althou...

By Jermaine Wright

Why Are Teenagers Not Using Condoms? A Video Blog Entry by Jermaine Wright

Let me first start by saying that if used properly, condoms are a very effective way to prevent pregnancy and the spread of STDs and HIV. Although I discuss engaging in raw sex, I am not against the use of condoms; neither am I advocating for their u...

By Jermaine Wright

Conceiving a Child While HIV Positive: A Video Blog Entry by Jermaine Wright

"We rarely hear about men conceiving while HIV positive," Jermaine Wright observes in his latest video blog. Yet Wright's fourth daughter was born in August; she's the first child he fathered since being diagnosed with HIV. In this entry, Wright walk...

By Jermaine Wright

A Bisexual, HIV-Positive, Single Father of Five: A Video Blog Entry by Jermaine Wright

Blogger Jermaine Wright isn't shy about his upbringing -- or about the series of events that led to him being a father of five children at the age of 22, and being diagnosed with HIV along the way. In this stark, honest blog entry (including video), ...

By Jermaine Wright

Testing Day: A Video Blog Entry by Jermaine Wright

"From listening to the rumors that had caused me to get tested in the first place, I had narrowed down the time frame that I could have contracted it. So the thoughts of passing the virus to someone else echoed in my head the whole ride home," Jermai...

By Jermaine Wright

Everything That Glitters Ain't Gold: A Video Blog Entry by Jermaine Wright

Jermaine Wright had a boyfriend who was popular, magnetic and drop-dead gorgeous. He also, it turned out, was a porn star and an escort -- and a man living with HIV. "Everything that's shiny on the outside isn't always good for you!" Jermaine writes ...

By Jermaine Wright