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Bouncing Back From a Diagnosis at 72 Img
Personal Stories

Bouncing Back From a Diagnosis at 72

After a divorce from her first husband, Gloria was ready to begin dating again, but she never could've fathomed what was coming next.

Art Positive: An Interview With Shan Kelly Img

Art Positive: An Interview With Shan Kelly

Shan Kelly uses his art to explore his sexuality, HIV and fatherhood.

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Personal Stories

Art Positive: The Music Man

Wearing a traditional African gown and hat, professional cellist Robert Bardston walks the audience through the chapters of his fascinating life story, stopping to play Bach's Suites for Solo Cello or to sing Negro spirituals that reflect his outlook...

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Fringe Filmmaker Mike Hoolboom Shines a Light on HIV

Over the past three decades, Toronto's Mike Hoolboom has quietly become one of the most unique and respected experimental filmmakers in Canada, having created more than 50 films and videos that have garnered 30 awards at festivals around the world. A...

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Personal Stories

Art Posi+ive: Illustrator and Graphic Designer Morgan McConnell

When Victoria-based graphic designer Morgan "Dangerboy" McConnell gets the rare chance to design something exactly the way he wants, it almost always includes a bird, a nest, a tree or some moss. This is a man who loves nature. But he also likes to i...

Ask the Experts: Managing Lipid Levels Img

Ask the Experts: Managing Lipid Levels

"My doctor said that my lipid levels are cause for concern. Any do's and don'ts you can share?" asks Brandon, a person living with HIV in Canada. Several HIV health care professionals (including an HIV specialist and a dietician) offer their expertis...

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Art Posi+ive: Fighting Spirit

Halifax painter Simon Thwaites may be a warm, kind person with a natural gift for putting people at ease, but don't get the wrong idea. He's nobody's pushover: Pick a fight with him and the odds are against you.

Thwaites' most legendary battle began...

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Allergy Strategies

I've got seasonal allergies and I've got HIV. Is there anything I should know about dealing with my springtime bout of sniffles, congestion and weepy eyes?

-- P.H., Summerside, P.E.I.

Ryan Cooper, M.D.

**Physician, Northern Alberta HIV Clinic ...