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A Path of Their Own Img
Personal Stories

A Path of Their Own

Two best friends relate their stories about their unique journeys to wellness.

Once Again With Alexandra Billings Img
Personal Stories

Once Again With Alexandra Billings

An interview with the co-star of the Emmy-winning series Transparent about the show and the shifting terminology around identity.

The Forgotten Img

The Forgotten

It's been nine years since Positively Aware's first issue on transgender people and HIV, and a lot has changed during that time. The title of my Editor's Note in the Positively Aware JUL+AUG 2008 issue, "A Decade Delayed," sprang from my interview wi...

Growing Pains Img

Growing Pains

There are numerous instances of life after testing positive that are uplifting and inspiring, something called "post-traumatic growth."

No Words Img
Personal Stories

No Words

"It's going to be a long four years, so we need to learn to pace ourselves," Jeff Berry writes. "Now I start each day off with something I look forward to, rather than flipping on the TV."

Running Out of Time Img

Running Out of Time

"Stories have the power to move us, to illuminate, and to be transformative," Jeff Berry writes. "[The film] Last Men Standing is a story of tremendous hope, and of dreams lost. It's also a story of resilience, and acceptance."

LADZ, Eden #31 (2012); chromogenic color print, 32 x 52½ by John Arsenault and Adrian Gilliland

The Effect of AIDS on American Art

A groundbreaking exhibition, Art AIDS America explores HIV and AIDS in American art, opening in Chicago on December 1, World AIDS Day, for its final run.

One-on-One With Guillermo Chacón Img
Personal Stories

One-on-One With Guillermo Chacón

The executive director of the Latino Commission on AIDS discusses what it will take to end AIDS in Latino communities.

Knowing Where to Look: Finding Assistance Programs to Help Pay for Your Meds
Health Coverage

How to Find Assistance Programs to Help Pay for Your Meds

"The good news is that help is out there," writes Jeff Berry. "ADAPs, several non-profit organizations and the pharmaceutical companies themselves have assistance programs in place to help you pay for the treatment you need."

Kate Burton addresses USCA 2015 in Washington, D.C. (Credit: Michelle Antoinette Nelson)
Personal Stories

Ambassador Kate

Television's Scandal and Grey's Anatomy star Kate Burtion builds on the legacy of her stepmother, Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor, as an ambassador for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.