Jeannie Wraight

Jeannie Wraight (known as Jeannie Gibbs before her marriage in April 2011!) has been an AIDS treatment activist for over 14 years. She was a longtime member of ACT UP New York and has participated in countless demonstrations and actions. She has attended over 75 HIV conferences around the world and writes for several HIV publications. Ms. Wraight has sat on many advisory boards as well as the Board of Directors of Health People, an AIDS service organization in the South Bronx, New York. She lives with her partner in the Bronx, where she works on her Web site and advocates for novel HIV therapies and nutritional supplements for people with HIV/AIDS. She is also an animal rescuer.

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Moving On: A Blog Entry by Jeannie Wraight

"It's our nature to look back at the year that was, and dream about what the new year will bring," Jeannie writes. "After all, who doesn't want the coming year to rock?"

By Jeannie Wraight

Desperate Measures: The Fight for ATC, a New NRTI to Treat Multidrug-Resistant HIV -- A Blog Entry by Jeannie Wraight

ATC could hold hope for treating multidrug-resistant HIV. Never heard of it? Blogger and activist Jeannie Wraight shares her knowledge.

By Jeannie Wraight

How Many People Have Been Cured of HIV? A Blog Entry by Jeannie Wraight

In my black-and-white way of thinking it seems an obvious enough question to ask who, by scientific standards, is actually cured?

By Jeannie Wraight

Being HIV+ with an HIV- Partner Comes With Some Challenges: A Blog Entry by Jeannie Wraight

"I blurted out, 'I'm HIV positive.' He let out a big sigh, as if he was holding his breath, and with a look of relief, said: 'Is that it? I thought you were going to tell me that you didn't like me and you're leaving.'"

By Jeannie Wraight

You Can Be Heard, Without Feeling You Have to Disclose Your HIV Status: A Blog Entry by Jeannie Wraight

"The consequences of coming out as HIV positive will be YOUR consequences. You have to live with them. Don't feel pressured by a sense of responsibility to other people with HIV," AIDS advocate Jeannie Wraight urges. She provides three key pieces of ...

By Jeannie Wraight

HIV Stigma and Awareness: Time to Change Our Message -- A Blog Entry by Jeannie Wraight

"I am not someone to fear or pity. I am not beneath anyone, less of a person, or unworthy because I am HIV positive. ... I will not allow ANYONE to pity me, stigmatize me or try to make me feel less than who I am. I do not give anyone that power over...

By Jeannie Wraight

We Are Not OK -- Until the Cure: A Blog Entry by Jeannie Wraight

The epidemic has changed so much since I've been involved in the AIDS crisis. When I was first diagnosed, HIV really was a death sentence. I remember my first doctor telling me that I could live as long as 10 years. I smiled and walked out of her off...

By Jeannie Wraight

It Is What It Is: A Blog Entry by Jeannie Wraight

As much as we strive to find that light at the end of the tunnel, sometimes life unexpectedly makes that tunnel longer. "I'm finally HAPPY. My life is far from perfect, but it is good, and getting better and better. How could this be happening now?" ...

By Jeannie Wraight

From Addict to Activist With 3 Easy Letters: A Blog Entry by Jeannie Wraight

For Jeannie Wraight, heroin provided an escape from the crushing pain and suffering she saw in the everyday existence of everyone -- and everything -- around her. But since her HIV diagnosis in 1995, Jeannie has found a new way to apply her empathy: ...

By Jeannie Wraight