Janelle King.

Janelle King

Janelle King is a Registered Nurse with a Master of Public Health. She has contributed articles to Monthly Gift, Modern Fertility, and The Powerscope, among many others. In her spare time, you can find writing about reproductive health and wellness on her blog The Nurse Note. Follow her on FB and IG @thenursenote.

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heterosexual couple sitting on ledge
Mixed-Status Couples

Treatment for Two: What Women Really Need to Know About Expedited Partner Therapy

A new way of treating sexually transmitted infections such as chlamydia and gonorrhea can make it easier to prevent reinfection if your partner is reluctant to go to the doctor.

By Janelle King
Woman taking the morning-after pill in bed, her partner is behind her

Emergency Contraception: Here's What You Should Know

These three forms of emergency contraception can keep you from becoming pregnant after having unprotected sex, or if your birth control method fails.

By Janelle King