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Jaime M. Grant

Jaime M. Grant, Ph.D., is a queer feminist sex activist and coach. To listen to her podcast, go to: To inquire about Desire Mapping workshops, sex coaching, or gender/sexuality equity training, go to:

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sex and corona

Sex in the Time of Coronavirus

“While everyone is Zooming their heretofore in-person classes, executive meetings, staff supervision, and professional conferences, we can be Zooming or Skyping or FaceTiming our sex.”

young people talking

What Happens When We Talk About Sex—in Community

Learning about our sexual and erotic desires can in fact be transformative, if not done alone.

A transmasculine gender-nonconforming person caressing the chest of a transfeminine non-binary person
Personal Stories

How Mapping Your Desire Can Help Transform Sexual Shame Into Self-Love and Social Justice

This queer feminist developed a project to help others use their sexual histories to heal, find community, and to fuel social justice movements.