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J. Buzz von Ornsteiner, Ph.D.

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10 Things You Can Do to Enhance Your Emotional Well-Being

Build a strong, supportive, trusting relationship with an HIV/AIDS doctor. You should be able to freely discuss everything and anything and, if needed, to challenge your doctor's advice.

Develop consistent contact with a health care case manager w...

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Before You Volunteer for an HIV Vaccine Trial ...

Volunteering in an HIV vaccine trial may sound good on paper, but the reality of making a commitment and structuring your life to accommodate that commitment is always a big step -- not just for you but for the people who will then rely on your enr...

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Winter Blues: Staying Warm on the Inside When It's Cold Outside

Once again winter has arrived, and I'm starting to feel the usual depression coming on. I'm an HIV-positive woman who is on the far side of 50 and more than a little overweight. Throughout the winter, I find that I gain even more weight, sleep long...

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Mixed-Status Couples

The Disclosure Dilemma: Telling Your Family Your Partner Has HIV

My boyfriend and I have been dating around three months and we have decided to move in with each other. He told me he was HIV-positive right from the start, and has been on disability for a while now. My boyfriend indicates no signs of getting sick...

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Help! I went out on a date with someone that I met through the Internet who appeared in his photo to be a very sexy young guy. He stated he was only interested in a long-term relationship (LTR) and HIV status did not matter -- he seemed perfect.


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Pride and Prejudice

It's the time of year again for the "Gay Pride Parade" and I want to go but as a gay Christian I am always disturbed by the behaviors of many of the participants in the parade. Why do so many homosexuals have to act so outrageous on Pride Day? How ...

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Fight or Flight, Stay or Leave?

I recently joined an HIV-positive support group at my case manager's urging -- she felt I could get additional support from the group -- and that is the sole reason I am a member. This is my third week and I don't want to go back since I feel so co...

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Death & Mourning

After a Suicide

Recently a close gay male friend committed suicide. He was HIV-positive for almost 10 years and on medication. Everyone I have spoken to about his death thinks it was because he was HIV-positive, but I don't. I think it was something else. He had j...

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Single in the City

"The Bottom Line Is: I Am Lonely for a Relationship"

I am 45 year-old, heterosexual female, single with no children and a former drug user. Five years ago, I found out I was HIV-positive. Since then I have stopped going out to the bars and dance cl...

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December Depression

I'm a 55-year-old, recovering alcoholic, HIV-positive single gay male. Over the last 20 years I've lost many close friends due to AIDS and I have not been able to regain the kind of social life I once had. I have no family; they rejected me due to ...