I'm Ibrahim, a 35-year-old professional Muslim man from the Middle East, living in the US. I want to fulfill my big dreams while holding strongly to my culture. My new identity as HIV positive changed my life in a strong way that I am still trying to understand and deal with. By sharing my experience, I'm trying to help myself and others in similar situations to find some peace -- and working on bringing the good change I believe every human must bring to this world. In my attempt to introduce TheBody.com's readers to my part of the world, I won't be taking you far -- I'll start right here, in the US.

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The Grinch Who Stole World AIDS Day: A Blog Entry by Ibrahim

"This year, I will be asking you to boycott the celebration of World AIDS Day. Let me break the news to you: We lost this battle a long time ago."

By Ibrahim

Arabian Erotica on Twitter: A Blog Entry by Ibrahim

"The number of Twitter users who engage in this form of aunt-dog [BDSM] relationship is relatively high among Arab Twitter users in the Middle East, which could mark a phenomenon."

By Ibrahim

Mental Therapy and HIV: One Patient's Perspective -- A Blog Entry by Ibrahim

"Choosing an experienced therapist to provide mental care for you is crucial and as important as choosing a qualified medical doctor. I hope we will have chances to make better choices when choosing our therapists."

By Ibrahim

A Positive Ramadan: A Blog Entry by Ibrahim

"Many HIV-positive Muslims wish to join their community in observing this important month. Can they? The question that we need to address is, can an HIV+ person fast Ramadan?"

By Ibrahim

Middle Eastern Food Is Poz Friendly: A Blog Entry by Ibrahim

While most things in the Middle East could be unfriendly to Poz persons, one thing keeps proving the opposite: Middle Eastern cuisine. A diet that is high in good fats, protein, vegetables and good carbs; how can you go wrong with that?

For HIV-posi...

By Ibrahim

World AIDS Day 2011: New Activism, New Generation -- A Blog Entry by Ibrahim

For our World AIDS Day 2011 section, we wanted to capture the diversity of the AIDS community. So, we reached out to people across the world -- regular contributors and those who have never written for us before -- and asked them to guest blog. These...

By Ibrahim

Status Undetectable? Not Really! A Blog Entry by Ibrahim

In his latest blog entry, Ibrahim plays with the idea of having an "undetectable" HIV status (hint: he's not talking about his viral load!), and talks about why he hides his own status from others. "I know that reversing how detectable my status is c...

By Ibrahim

HIV and Death ... In Memory of Dr. Bob: A Blog Entry by Ibrahim

Weeks ago, we were saddened by the death of Dr. Robert Frascino. Dr. Bob insisted on delivering a message of tolerance towards all people and not only HIV-positive persons, responding to questions that sometimes drifted away from medicine to politics...

By Ibrahim

Poz Politics ... in the Face of Armageddon: A Blog Entry by Ibrahim

Everywhere he turns, Ibrahim sees signs of how little the HIV/AIDS community is taken into account when U.S. city, state and federal leaders make decisions about HIV policy. "I guess my HIV virus should vote Republican in the next elections, because ...

By Ibrahim

Curing Your Spirit of HIV: A Blog Entry by Ibrahim

"While today's debate is escalating on how many more years we have before we see a functional cure to HIV, few have reflected on the issue of curing the spiritual scars that HIV leaves on an infected person," blogger Ibrahim writes. In this blog entr...

By Ibrahim