Ian L. Haddock

Ian L. Haddock is the Executive Director of The Normal Anomaly Initiative and the President of Impulse Group Houston. He is a current finalist for Male Identifying Pride Houston Grand Marshal and a CDC Let's Stop HIV Together Ambassador.

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A man waves transgender pride flag during Brighton Pride Parade on August 03, 2019
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Cisgender People Need to Step Aside and Let Trans People Lead the Way

People from marginalized communities know the feeling of being talked over or excluded, but when relating to trans people, we sometimes re-enact those power differences, activist Ian Haddock writes.

By Ian L. Haddock
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The Needed Revival in the Black Church

“The progressive movements the Black church has sparked are some of the most liberating work from any organization; that is what we need from them concerning HIV,” Ian L. Haddock writes.

By Ian L. Haddock