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About Housing Works

Housing Works is the largest community-based AIDS service organization in the United States, as well as the nation's largest minority-controlled AIDS service organization. Since our founding in 1990, we have provided lifesaving services, such as housing, medical and mental health care, meals, job training, drug treatment, HIV prevention education, and social support to more than 20,000 homeless and low-income New Yorkers living with HIV and AIDS.

Housing Works also runs social enterprise businesses that raise millions of dollars every year to help pay for the services that we provide, spread awareness of our mission, and provide jobs to graduates of our Job Training Program. Our best-known businesses are Housing Works Thrift Shops, a chain of upscale thrift shops located throughout New York City, and the Housing Works Bookstore Café, a used bookstore, literary hub and concert venue located in Soho in downtown Manhattan.

Since 1990, Housing Works has:

  • provided a range of lifesaving and empowering services to more than 20,000 New Yorkers living with HIV and AIDS
  • won international recognition and governmental and philanthropic awards for innovative models of housing and services for hard-to-reach populations
  • become the nation's leading advocate for the rights of homeless people living with HIV/AIDS through bold organizing, advocacy and litigation
  • created the nation's first and most successful job training program for homeless people living with HIV/AIDS
  • created lucrative businesses that are integral to New York City's cultural landscape and provide critical funding for our client services.

How to Reach Housing Works

Housing Works, Inc.
320 West 13th Street
New York, NY 10014

Phone: 1.212.645.8111
Fax: 1.212.645.8750
TTY users call: 1.212.925.9560
E-mail: smith-caronia@housingworks.org
Web: www.housingworks.org

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Latest by Housing Works

Call to Action: Congressional Spring Recess and Affordable Care

Take action to stop Trump and Health and Human Services Secretary Price from engineering the collapse of the Afforable Care Act.

By Elizabeth Koke for Housing Works

Reflections From Housing Works CEO Charles King on the Election

"We are a community forged by worse adversity than we face today," Charles King writes. "We remain radically inclusive, knowing that inclusion increases all of us."

By Charles King for Housing Works

Sanders Cancels Meeting With HIV/AIDS Advocates

HIV/AIDS advocates from across the U.S. expressed their frustration this week at the news that Presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders has again indefinitely postponed a highly anticipated early May meeting with HIV community leaders.

By Housing Works

Media Frenzy Over Man on PrEP Contracting HIV

"Despite the barrage of panic-inducing headlines, the reality of someone taking PrEP becoming HIV-positive, despite adhering to the PrEP regimen consistently, is not surprising to anyone who understands the science around Truvada to begin with," writ...

By Elizabeth Koke for Housing Works

AIDS Activists Rally at the Capitol: An AIDS-Free NY Is Within Our Reach!

The fight to get an AIDS-Free New York by 2020 gained momentum in Albany recently when the End AIDS 2020 Coalition visited the Capitol and made demands to those in power.

By Mikola De Roo for Housing Works

Watchdogs to Feds: Obamacare Plans Making It Hard to Access HIV Drugs

On December 2, thirty-one AIDS agencies including Housing Works sent this letter to federal health honcho Kathleen Sebelius asking her to crack down on Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) plans throughout the country that are making things hard on HIV+ f...

By Tim Murphy for Housing Works

A Report From Denver's Drug Policy Reform Conference

The International Drug Policy Reform Conference, a biennial event that brings together people from around the world who believe that the war on drugs is doing more harm than good, took place October 23-26 in Denver. It brought together over 1,000 att...

By Tim Murphy for Housing Works

Housing and HIV: Hold on to HUD!

Numerous housing and HIV/AIDS advocacy organizations are rallying in D.C. on Wednesday, Jul. 24 at 1 p.m. at the Capitol Southeast Lawn (1st and Independence SE, Washington D.C.). This coalition of organizations is joining together to demand a repeal...

By Rebekah Horowitz for Housing Works

HOPE Act Paves Way for Lifting Ban Against HIV-Positive Organ Donations

On Tuesday, the U.S. Senate passed the HOPE Act, legislation that would end the federal ban on research into organ donations from HIV-positive donors to HIV-positive recipients. The HOPE Act, which stands for HIV Organ Policy Equity Act, would pave t...

By Sunny Bjerk for Housing Works

HUD Announces Over $32 Million in HOPWA Grants

At the end of May, The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced that its HOPWA program will distribute $32 million in grant awards to assist more than 1,300 low-income individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS. The money w...

By Sunny Bjerk for Housing Works