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Hope's Voice

Mission Statement

Hope's Voice is a national non-profit HIV and AIDS organization committed to promoting the education and prevention of HIV and AIDS to young adults. Hope's Voice uses open dialog and peer-to-peer education through both speaker appearances of young adults living with HIV and AIDS and progressive programs to send a crucial message: HIV and AIDS does not discriminate. At Hope's Voice we aim to raise awareness and help young adults create the social change that is needed to end this epidemic.

Speaker's Bureau

Hope's Voice represents a group of talented and diverse young adults, all living with HIV and AIDS. As our speakers relate, the disease shows no preference toward race, gender, sexuality, and demographic or economic status. Hope's Voice speakers travel to high schools, colleges, universities, and communities to share their stories and give audiences a personal connection to the disease. The organization is responsible for contracts, travel arrangements, educational materials and publicity for both speakers and Sponsors. Take a moment to meet our speakers.

Are you a young adult living with HIV or AIDS and comfortable talking about your status? We are always looking to expand our speaker's bureau. Hope's Voice speakers join a national movement, get training, take part in the Road to Hope Tours and can make some extra income. Please contact us to request an application and get more information on speaker opportunities.

Does HIV Look Like Me? National Campaign

Does HIV Look Like Me? is the national awareness campaign created by Hope's Voice to answer the call by international leaders for a progressive social campaign that challenges the way young adults view HIV and AIDS. Does HIV Look Like Me? asks the viewer to question their stereotypes about HIV and AIDS and understand that this disease does not discriminate and can affect and infect anyone. Does HIV Look Like Me? features the voices and faces of young adults living positive and negative standing side by side. Materials distributed and produced for this campaign are challenging audiences to take a look at their own life and encouraging them to get educated, tested and know their status. Hope's Voice will continue to produce and distribute pubic service announcements and print materials to communities, schools and networks around the world and work with networks to provide materials for their viewers.

Take a moment to watch the Does HIV Look Like Me? public service announcements and encourage your community to play the media pieces.

Road to Hope Tours

The tours feature a group of HIV positive young adults and advocates joining together to educate, bring awareness and create open dialog with students about HIV and AIDS. The tours are several weeks and consist of multiple stops at schools across the country. Hope's Voice works in collaboration with local agencies to provide HIV and AIDS testing for participants. The schools selected are just as diverse as the group of speakers. Our audiences represent different sexes, sexualities, races, religions, as well as economic backgrounds. Hope's Voice is proud to not only provide education to those living negative, but also be a validation and a voice for those living positive. The 2005 Road to Hope Tour was a smashing success and reached thousands of students. Hope's Voice looks forward to the Road to Hope Tour Africa.

Check out the latest news, tour locations, dates and event details for the Road to Hope Tours. Get your community involved!

Hope's Voice released the Road to Hope documentary. Hope's Voice speakers Amira, Duane, Lantz, Marvelyn, Todd, Student Global AIDS Campaign speaker Healy, and their friends embark on the 2005 Road to Hope Tour, a 7,000-mile journey in a 30-foot RV from Washington, DC to San Francisco, CA. Visiting 23 schools in 36 days, these speakers, most of whom are HIV positive, share their stories and messages of advocacy, education, awareness, and the importance of knowing one's HIV status to thousands of students. Road to Hope follows each speaker's life-changing experiences with HIV and their struggle for life, opportunity and acceptance for themselves, peers and their loved ones. Along the way you'll see the range of emotions they face -- the fears, biases, stigmas, oppressions, stereotypes and misconceptions of HIV and AIDS, as well as see them find strength in their own story, each other, and the promise of hope. Watch the trailer, read the full documentary description and order your copy today!

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