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Love: Greater Than Stigma Img
Personal Stories

Love: Greater Than Stigma

"Even though some people or events in life might try to break you down, having a life full of love, hope and joy is still possible," Donna writes.

HIV: Not the Problem Img
Personal Stories

HIV: Not the Problem

"We want to assure others that it is safe for serodifferent couples to have children," Rev. Henry Calderon Jr. writes.

Around the World: Finding Hope Img
Personal Stories

Around the World: Finding Hope

"When I was diagnosed with HIV, I felt, in a way, kind of relieved, because I knew that I had to make major decisions in my life that I'd been really cowardly about prior to my diagnosis," Damita Pearson writes. "I realized that I could either live o...

Google+ Hangout: PrEP Awareness Campaigns -- Including Women

Google+ Hangout: PrEP Awareness Campaigns -- Including Women

Few women know about PrEP as an effective HIV prevention method. Join Hangouts with HIVE on Nov. 21 for a one-hour discussion on the topic.

Pregnant: Thanks to PrEP Img
Personal Stories

Pregnant: Thanks to PrEP

"We can't control who we fall in love with, but we can protect ourselves by being educated on the matter, learning what options are available to us," Becky writes. "I hope my story can be helpful to someone faced with a similar situation."

My Reason to Get Out of Bed Img
Personal Stories

My Reason to Get Out of Bed

"In the sixteen years of being diagnosed with HIV, I found myself careful when exposing what I refer to as my 'situation' to family and friends," Steven Williams writes. "I often regretted that I hadn't ever discussed it with a majority of the people...

Accepting HIV Img
Personal Stories

Accepting HIV

"It was not hard at all to accept because I had lost relatives and friends before through HIV/AIDS," Nobuntu Shoba writes. "Rather, it was more like eye opening that if I did not accept myself for who I have turned out to be, then no one will and I w...

I Am Not Alone Out Here Img
Personal Stories

I Am Not Alone Out Here

"The more research I do, I notice I am not alone out here -- one negative partner and one positive," Drea writes about her decision to start PrEP. "I felt a little better about my decision to continue the relationship once I saw other couples out the...

Spreading the Word: PrEP Is Right for Me Img
Personal Stories

Spreading the Word: PrEP Is Right for Me

"In the beginning of my process, I was not taking PrEP," Tamia Green writes. "I went through the thought process of, if I'm going to be sharing information with different communities, I felt I should be on the product."

PrEP: Beneficial for Me Img
Personal Stories

PrEP: Beneficial for Me

"I decided that PrEP seemed right for me," Christina Palacios writes. "I found it to be beneficial for me because I had two sex partners and wanted to protect us all and improve my chances of remaining HIV negative."