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Where Do I Fit In?

"I have found it is really difficult to find a place where you can fit in the poz community for many reasons," Kimberly Glanz writes.

By Kimberly Glanz for HIVE

What HIV Means to Me! Havoc Into Victory

"The nurse walked in and said, 'Ms.Thomas, I'm not going to beat around the bush. Your HIV test came back positive,'" Wanona Thomas writes. "In that moment, my heart dropped in my stomach. I felt numb all over. Her words were final."

By Wanona Thomas for HIVE

'Someone I Love Has HIV'

Kierra Hines reflects on the day her mother "built up the strength and courage to finally tell me that she was HIV positive."

By Kierra Hines for HIVE

Bisexuality: A Blog Entry by Josh Middleton

"There is a giant stigma from both [gay and straight] communities against those of us who are bisexual," Josh Middleton writes. "I hope my story and life can help to break some of those stigmas."

By Josh Middleton for HIVE

Behind Prison Doors

"Being isolated is the worst thing that a newly diagnosed HIV positive person can ever have happen to them," Tamala Johnson writes. "I was living my worst nightmare while wide awake."

By Tamala Johnson for HIVE

HIV and Fatherhood

Excerpts from a collection of journal letters written by an HIV-positive father to his son chronicling the lessons of life he has learned in his journey with HIV.

By Khafre Abif for HIVE

Life After Diagnosis

"Through sharing my story, I want to reduce the stigma in our lives and show others that there is truly life after HIV diagnosis," Nakeisa Brown writes.

By Nakeisa Brown for HIVE

My Life From (D) Day

"I know, one day, we will all end HIV and stigma," Cat Palladino writes. "But until then be ready for me because I don't give up. I'm a survivor, I'm a warrior, I am HIV positive, and I stand proud."

By Cat Palladino for HIVE

PrEP Has Become Part of My Life

"My partner is currently undetectable and I know the risk is low," Winnetka Collins writes, "but for me, being on PrEP just gives me a peace of mind."

By Winnetka Collins for HIVE

48 and Hopeful

"[The] decision to be married and have kids has absolutely nothing to do with me being undetectable with a high CD4 cell count," Orin Allen writes. "I still wanted children even when I was first diagnosed with HIV."

By Orin Allen for HIVE