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'Someone I Love Has HIV' Img
Personal Stories

'Someone I Love Has HIV'

Kierra Hines reflects on the day her mother "built up the strength and courage to finally tell me that she was HIV positive."

Bisexuality: A Blog Entry by Josh Middleton Img

Bisexuality: A Blog Entry by Josh Middleton

"There is a giant stigma from both [gay and straight] communities against those of us who are bisexual," Josh Middleton writes. "I hope my story and life can help to break some of those stigmas."

Behind Prison Doors Img
Personal Stories

Behind Prison Doors

"Being isolated is the worst thing that a newly diagnosed HIV positive person can ever have happen to them," Tamala Johnson writes. "I was living my worst nightmare while wide awake."

Life After Diagnosis Img
Personal Stories

Life After Diagnosis

"Through sharing my story, I want to reduce the stigma in our lives and show others that there is truly life after HIV diagnosis," Nakeisa Brown writes.

Road Cycling Saved My Life Img
Personal Stories

Road Cycling Saved My Life

"AIDS told me to crawl under a rock, today I am the rock."

Dating and Disclosure Img
Personal Stories

Dating and Disclosure

"I tell myself that those who do not want to be a part of my life because of my status are not people I want in my life to begin with," Nestor Rogel writes.

Disclosure and Stigma Img
Personal Stories

Disclosure and Stigma

Steven Williams writes about deciding the right time to tell his daughter about his HIV status and how he became HIV positive.

PrEP Education in Jail Img
Personal Stories

PrEP Education in Jail

When Christina Palacios was arrested during a routine traffic stop, she decided to make the best of a bad situation and educate jail inmates and staff about PrEP.

Adam Chang
Personal Stories

Second Generation: Asian, Gay, Positive and a Parent

"I am offering up my own story to contribute to our present day Asian American awakening in the hope of challenging longstanding stereotypes of Asian Americans," Adam Chang writes.

HIV: Not the Problem Img
Personal Stories

HIV: Not the Problem

"We want to assure others that it is safe for serodifferent couples to have children," Rev. Henry Calderon Jr. writes.