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Bisexuality: A Blog Entry by Josh Middleton Img

Bisexuality: A Blog Entry by Josh Middleton

"There is a giant stigma from both [gay and straight] communities against those of us who are bisexual," Josh Middleton writes. "I hope my story and life can help to break some of those stigmas."

By Josh Middleton for HIVE
Life After Diagnosis Img
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Life After Diagnosis

"Through sharing my story, I want to reduce the stigma in our lives and show others that there is truly life after HIV diagnosis," Nakeisa Brown writes.

By Nakeisa Brown for HIVE
Adam Chang
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Second Generation: Asian, Gay, Positive and a Parent

"I am offering up my own story to contribute to our present day Asian American awakening in the hope of challenging longstanding stereotypes of Asian Americans," Adam Chang writes.

By Adam Chang for HIVE
HIV: Not the Problem Img
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HIV: Not the Problem

"We want to assure others that it is safe for serodifferent couples to have children," Rev. Henry Calderon Jr. writes.

By Rev. Henry Calderon Jr. for HIVE
Google+ Hangout: PrEP Awareness Campaigns -- Including Women

Google+ Hangout: PrEP Awareness Campaigns -- Including Women

Few women know about PrEP as an effective HIV prevention method. Join Hangouts with HIVE on Nov. 21 for a one-hour discussion on the topic.

PrEP: Beneficial for Me Img
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PrEP: Beneficial for Me

"I decided that PrEP seemed right for me," Christina Palacios writes. "I found it to be beneficial for me because I had two sex partners and wanted to protect us all and improve my chances of remaining HIV negative."

By Christina Palacios for HIVE
PrEP: Power and Strength Img
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PrEP: Power and Strength

"I am happy that I started taking PrEP," Jessica Martinez writes. "Taking PrEP gave me the power and strength I never knew I had over my body."

By Jessica Martinez for HIVE
Fatherhood, Living With HIV Img
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Fatherhood, Living With HIV

"It became almost natural to give my offspring a better life than I had, a life that I prayed and hoped for in my past," Trecory Jackson writes.

By Trecory Jackson for HIVE
Love and PrEPception Img
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Love and PrEPception

"I never imagined that I would be sitting exactly where I am right now seven months pregnant with a baby boy and engaged to someone who I truly believe is my soulmate," writes Erin.

By Erin for HIVE