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HIV Doesn't Discriminate by Age, Should UNAIDS? Sign This Letter

According to the 2012 UNAIDS Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic, there has been steady progress in delivering effective treatment to people living with HIV across the globe. With almost 8 million people in developing countries having access to anti-r...

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Do a Naked Action Too ... From the Comfort of Your Own Home!

This message has been sent on the behalf of our friends at Health GAP.

Yesterday, AIDS activists showed the world that we still got it, and we're still here!

As you may have heard about on the news, seven AIDS activists exposed themselves to expose...

The Stigma of Sandy: Sound Familiar? Img

The Stigma of Sandy: Sound Familiar?

"Blaming or shaming those who were in the path of Hurricane Sandy takes the spotlight away from where it needs to shine brightest: on the policies that have led to the non-creation of plans to safeguard a warming coastline," says Julie Davids of HIV ...

Post-Hurricane Sandy NYC: How You Can Help, and Info to Share Img

Post-Hurricane Sandy NYC: How You Can Help, and Info to Share

Hurricane Sandy devastated areas of NYC that are hard-hit by HIV, including Lower Manhattan. Here is information on how to help, and how people who live in these areas of the city can get help.

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Young Gay and Bi Men's Lives Matter: A Call to Action

Colleagues, Friends and Family,

I'm hoping you can take a few seconds and support a very important call to action. The National Minority AIDS Council (NMAC) is seeking both organization and individual endorsements for a call to action addressing the...

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We Can End AIDS: July 24, 2012 -- Washington, D.C.

About the Mobilization | Transportation | Our Demands | Sign Up | Donate

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It's the Best Kept Secret We Need to Share: There's a Totally Free and Public International AIDS Conference in Washington, D.C. This Summer

Where will you be July 22-27th?

Join HIV PJA at the Global Village and AIDS 2012!

The Global Village at AIDS 2012 features 12 hours of daily workshops, gatherings, advocacy events, networking opportunities and other fantastic things throughout th...

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Rethinking the "MSM" Category: Webinar on June 13

Rethinking the "MSM" Category

Join Us! Wednesday, June 13th 3:30pm to 5pm EDT

A well-known HIV prevention slogan goes, "its not who you are, but what you do...."

But is it?

What's the role of sexual identity in HIV prevention? Since the late 1980...

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April 30: Help Write AIDS 2012 Plenary Speech on HIV in the United States

On Monday, April 30, we want your input!

Join us for a National Town Hall phone call and help shape the Phill Wilson AIDS 2012 Plenary Address: The U.S. Epidemic.

In January the International AIDS Society announced that Black AIDS Institute CEO Phi...

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Under Attack: Your Health Care Rights

Earlier this month President Obama reached a compromise lauded by the public on allowing insurance to provide coverage for preventative services. This included expanded access and coverage for contraception, an important tool in the fight for HIV/AID...