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Latest by HIV Prevention Justice Alliance

How the Affordable Care Act Helped Evany

Affordable health care and HIV services have allowed Evany Turk to live a healthy and productive life.

By Joshua Oaks for HIV Prevention Justice Alliance

Say NO to Tom Price Confirmation!

"If Tom Price is confirmed as the HHS Secretary our communities will pay the price," Joshua Oaks writes. Call your U.S. senators today!

By Joshua Oaks for HIV Prevention Justice Alliance

Join HIV PJA and the SERO Project for the Three-Part HIV Is Not a Crime Webinar Series

HIV PJA and the SERO Project are coming together to present a three-part webinar series continuing conversations from the HIV is Not a Crime Training Academy held in May 2016.

By HIV Prevention Justice Alliance

Watch the Webinar -- Policing HIV, Gender and Sexuality: Recent Data on Criminal Enforcement and Conditions of Confinement (Video)

The LGBT/HIV Criminal Justice Working Group and HIV PJA collaborated on a webinar discussing how the policing of gender and sexuality pervades law enforcement, the operation of courts and the penal system, especially the policing of people living wit...

By Joshua Oaks for HIV Prevention Justice Alliance

There Should Be Blood: The MSM Blood Donor Ban

Although the FDA's recent policy change on gay men donating blood is a step in the right direction, "those involved in the continuous fight against HIV/AIDS discrimination and stigma say the revision is less impactful than completely lifting the ban,...

By Ernesto Flores for HIV Prevention Justice Alliance

Organizational Sign-On: Demand the Entertainment Industry Do More in Supporting and Protecting Its Workers Living With HIV

The media and entertainment industry plays a key role in addressing the HIV stigma. Let's collectively hold the industry accountable to ensure the promotion of accurate realities of HIV.

By HIV Prevention Justice Alliance

12/7-8 Join the Counter Conference at the National HIV Prevention Conference in Atlanta

The gathering focuses on achieving bold goals of the U.S. National HIV/AIDS Strategy, such as sexual/reproductive justice, housing, sex worker rights, criminalization, and transgender/gender non-conforming people.

By Joshua Oaks for HIV Prevention Justice Alliance

Stop the TPP from Putting HIV Treatment Out of Reach!

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will make it easier for drug companies to demand longer patent extensions, limiting access to affordable, generic medicines used by millions worldwide.

By Anna Forbes, M.S.S. for HIV Prevention Justice Alliance

25 Years Later, We Still Need to Fight for Ryan White!

The Ryan White Care Act is a vitally important safety-net in these states for low-income PLHIV, say advocates, and it must be continued with a call for expansion of Medicaid in every U.S. state.

By HIV Prevention Justice Alliance