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Mexico: Supreme Court Finds Veracruz Law Criminalising 'Wilful Transmission' of HIV and STIs to Be Unconstitutional

Following a Constitutional challenge Mexico's Supreme Court of Justice found an amendment to Article 158 of the Penal Code of the State of Veracruz to be invalid as it violates a number of fundamental rights.

By HIV Justice Network

New Toolkit Supports Advocates in Using Media to Fight for HIV Justice

As people around the world living with HIV continue to be criminalized and convicted at alarming rates, HIV Justice Worldwide has released "Making Media Work for HIV Justice: An Introduction to Media Engagement for Advocates Opposing HIV Criminalizat...

By HIV Justice Network

Advocates Launch Consensus Statement on HIV Treatment as Prevention in Criminal Law Reform

The statement aims to provide guidance for efforts to reform or "modernize" HIV-specific laws across the United States.

By HIV Justice Network

Russia: Government to Examine Possibility of Removing HIV-Specific Criminal Law and Broadening Prosecutions to All Serious Communicable Diseases Under General 'Bodily Harm' Laws

The high-level discussion on removing Russia's HIV-specific criminal law is taking place at the same time as a number of other policy decisions relating to HIV.

By Edwin J. Bernard for HIV Justice Network

HIV Court Nightmare Ends for Olympian Darren Chiacchia

The unsupportable charges caused an eight-year journey through the court system for a case that lacked merit from the beginning.

By HIV Justice Network

Czech Republic: Police Drop Charges Against All 30 Gay Men Living With HIV Following Prague Public Health Authority 'Witch Hunt'

All criminal charges have been dropped against the 30 gay men living with HIV who were reported to the police by the Prague Public Health Authority earlier this year after they were diagnosed with an STI.

By HIV Justice Network

Analysis: How Is Russia's HIV-Specific Law Being Used to Prosecute Women Living With HIV?

"Russia's Article 122 was introduced into the Criminal Code, in particular, to protect women from HIV infection, but it is clear from our research that the law has been applied against women in Russia," Evgenia Maron writes.

By Evgenia Maron for HIV Justice Network

Canada: In Nova Scotia, Glimmers of Hope for Science in the Prosecution of HIV Non-Disclosure

Despite very few prosecutions, Nova Scotia has become an interesting place in Canada with respect to the criminalization of HIV non-disclosure.

By Cécile Kazatchkine for HIV Justice Network

Advocates Fighting to End HIV Criminalization Reach a Global TV/Web Audience on Al Jazeera English (Video)

This week, HIV criminalization advocacy reached a global audience on both TV and the internet with The Stream, on Al Jazeera English.

By Edwin J. Bernard for HIV Justice Network