Heather Boerner

Heather Boerner is an award-winning journalist based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In addition to contributing regularly to TheBody and TheBodyPro, Heather's work has appeared in NPR, PBS NewsHour, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, The Daily Beast, and more. In 2016, she won the Best Coverage of HIV award from the Association of LGBTQIA Journalists.

Latest by Heather Boerner

Held Harmless

Science guided Switzerland away from prosecuting people living with HIV for theoretically exposing their partners to the virus. Could it happen here, too?

By Heather Boerner

CDC Guidance on Safer Conception: Families Talk Back

The CDC issued safer conception guidance that left out a lot of couples and science. Real-life HIV-affected families respond.

By Heather Boerner

Press Ban at National PrEP Summit Was a Bad Idea for HIV Community

Some HIV journalists got a nasty surprise recently when they attempted to register for NMAC's National HIV PrEP Summit.

By Heather Boerner and Warren Tong

Lives Won't Wait: A Day in the Life of a Syringe Exchange

What's it like to operate a syringe exchange in a highly regulated but still criminalized place such as Pennsylvania? Heather Boerner spent the day with Prevention Point Pittsburgh to learn more about the realities of HIV and overdose prevention, har...

By Heather Boerner

How One Man Found Freedom Through an Undetectable HIV Viral Load

For Bruce Richman, this year's July 4th marked six years of undetectable viral load. He celebrated freedom from the years of isolation when he felt toxic to others, now that he knows about treatment as prevention.

By Heather Boerner

PrEP Prevents HIV -- So Where Are the Prescriptions for Women, Sex Workers and Drug Users?

HIV doesn't discriminate -- but what's with the prescription blind spots when it comes to PrEP for, well, people who aren't (or aren't just) gay men? Heather Boerner reports.

By Heather Boerner

In Tune With Safer Sex: HIV Prevention in Kink and BDSM Culture

It's sexual shame and stigma that can get in the way of safety -- not edgy sex and power play, says Dr. Tony Mills, a former International Mr. Leather and an HIV doctor who counts many kinksters among his patients.

By Heather Boerner

If Half a Billion Dollars for HIV Services and Treatment Disappears, Who Pays the Price?

The 340B program was meant to provide an income stream for cash-strapped HIV agencies and state programs that provide HIV drugs. But a proposed rule change could gut the payment stream that has kept agencies afloat and people on meds, leading to long...

By Heather Boerner

The Birth of PrEP Denialism

"Drug companies are greedy," opines Heather Boerner, "but that doesn't mean you shouldn't consider PrEP."

By Heather Boerner

Congress May Eliminate Specific Care Funding for Women With HIV, Jeopardizing Trauma-Informed Services

"Part D literally saved my life," said Gina Maria Brown, referring to the Ryan White AIDS Program component that sets up separate clinics with wrap-around services for women and children with HIV. But Part D may be folded into other parts of the prog...

By Heather Boerner