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Las Memorias AIDS Monument
Personal Stories

On World AIDS Day, Remembering What the '80s Were Like for Latinx Gay Men in California

"Many of us who are younger don't know what those days were like," Giuliani Alvarenga writes. "But World AIDS Day should be a time when we remember those we have lost to the virus."

AIDS Memorial Instagram Account
Death & Mourning

I Was Blocked From the AIDS Memorial Instagram Account for Asking About Diversity

One man's online memorial is "a potentially beautiful project," Giuliani Alvarenga writes. However, "[t]he problem? His project lacks diversity."

#2018USCA Recap
Personal Stories

Didn't Attend USCA 2018? Here's What You Missed -- and Why You Should Attend Next Year

Tiffany Marrero and Giuliani Alvarenga discuss some of the highlights from the conference, some of the people they met, and what it's like doing this work as two young HIV-positive activists of color.

Graffiti in San Juan, Puerto Rico states 'My People! When Will We Get Our Independence?'
Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican HIV Activists Continue Post-Hurricane Maria Fight Despite U.S. Indifference and Local Corruption

"One would think that being a commonwealth of the most powerful country in the world would have benefits when it comes to health care and recovery from natural catastrophes, such as the one that took place in September 2017," Giuliani Alvarenga write...

A photo of Roxsana Hernández at a San Francisco vigil in her honor
Personal Stories

Pride in Mourning: On the Death of Transgender Activist Roxsana Hernández in an ICE Detention Center

Roxsana Hernández, an HIV-positive Honduran trans woman, died on May 25 inside a detention center in the custody of U.S. immigration officials due to the neglect and apathy of the officers detaining her.

A man takes out of his jeans pocket a package of drugs

Crystal Meth Use Among Young Latinx Gay Men in Southern California Is Rising, According to Community Advocates

Although much of the national focus has been on opioid use among whites, meth addiction remains a problem in the LGBT community, and black and Latinx LGBT people are reporting growing meth use.

Latinx gay men holding hands

Rates of HIV Are Rising Among Latinx Gay Men in the U.S. Are Anti-Immigration Policies to Blame?

As anti-immigration sentiments and policies in the U.S. have certainly increased in recent years, is this having an impact on Latinx gay and bisexual men's vulnerability to HIV?

Homeless teenager with sign asking for help
Homeless People

Homeless LGBTQ Youth Remain at Risk for HIV, and They Need Us

Homelessness is a problem in and of itself, but for LGBTQ youth, housing instability is also a significant risk factor for becoming HIV positive.

Latino AIDS Memorial
Personal Stories

A Latino AIDS Memorial Stands, but Gentrification Displaces the Community

"Unfortunately, due to the current housing crisis in East Los Angeles, people are being displaced, leaving the memorial increasingly without the community it was built to commemorate," Giuliani Alvarenga writes.

I Couldn't Get PrEP, and Now I'm Living With HIV Img
Personal Stories

I Couldn't Get PrEP, and Now I'm Living With HIV

Despite the shiny ads for PrEP that have popped up in cities and across social media apps for gay men, getting Truvada might actually be harder than it looks, especially for young gay men of color without insurance.