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Hepatitis C

HCV/HIV Coinfection: A Patient's Perspective

Editor's note: Gerry Moreno first wrote for Positively Aware about living with hepatitis C virus (HCV)-HIV co-infection in September/October 2001 and again in March/April 2002. Last year he underwent a year-long treatment for hepatitis C and kept a...

Hepatitis C

HCV/HIV Co-Infection II: Sobriety and Treatment

Living with HCV (hepatitis C virus)/HIV co-infection can be very challenging. Along with our physicians, we are learning about co-infection and living with it day-to-day. In addition to living with our dual illnesses, many of us are also dealing with...

Hepatitis C

HCV/HIV Co-Infection I: A Patient's Perspective

I remember sitting in my doctor's office one day in 1996, feeling great and full of hope. This wasn't the kind of hope that I had been feeling for the last 12 years, but hope that I could actually grab onto instead of visualize. The protease inhibito...