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George M. Johnson is a writer based in the Washington, D.C., area. He has written for Huffpost,, and, and has a monthly column in A&U magazine. He is a loyal member of the Beyhive and you can follow him on Twitter @iamgmjohnson.

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Fighting Trump's Efforts to Cut ACA Enrollment, Groups Launch African-American Outreach

The Black AIDS Institute leads an 18-city effort to boost Obamacare enrollment.

By George M. Johnson

Young Queer Men Share Their Thoughts on Starting HIV Treatment

Seven men offer their perspectives on testing positive and deciding to start treatment in order to fight against stigma and discrimination, as well as to give those who will later test positive some understanding of what it’s like to be on treatment an…

By George M. Johnson

We're Failing Our HIV-Positive Prisoners -- and, With Them, All African Americans

"If we are ever going to have an HIV-free generation, we must work to keep those who are most vulnerable from falling through society's cracks," writes George M. Johnson.

By George M. Johnson

9 Steps for a Smooth Switch to a New HIV Provider Without Treatment Interruptions

Take the time to consider these tips and take action. Being unprepared when changing providers can create much unnecessary stress in a process that can be smooth.

By George M. Johnson

The Importance of Using Lube During Sex

"I totally understand the importance of enjoying sex," George Johnson writes. "But I also know it is even more important to make sure one is doing so safely -- and lube can play a major role in that process."

By George M. Johnson

How I Told a Sex Partner That He Might Have an STI

After George M. Johnson recognized signs of a possible STI in a sex partner, he figured out how to sensitively communicate on this stigmatized subject.

By George M. Johnson

The HIV Generation Gap: Enlarging the Room for Young Black Voices While Keeping Everyone in the Conversation

"30 years from now, I too could be in the position of feeling left out of a discussion among people I fought so hard to get into the room," says George M. Johnson.

By George M. Johnson

Adherent While Healthy: My Tips for Remembering Daily HIV Meds

The daily, at times robotic, process of taking HIV meds every day can become an afterthought once you begin feeling healthy. Here’s how George M. Johnson keeps HIV treatment a part of his healthy life.

By George M. Johnson

On the 'Best, Worst Day' of My Life, I Tested HIV Positive

"I had just turned 25 and was about to graduate from grad school. Things were looking up for me -- but I wasn't feeling well and knew deep inside that something was wrong," recalls George Johnson. "It was November 19 to be exact, a day after my mom's...

By George M. Johnson

How I Took on Trolls Shaming My HIV Status and Short Shorts

George Johnson awoke to find that his tweet on swimming, race and the Olympics went viral. Then came shaming about his style and openness about living with HIV. The result? He reaffirms his commitment to speak out.

By George M. Johnson