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For People With HIV, Self-Care Can Change Your Health -- and Your Life

Stress is real and can affect your health while living with HIV. But many techniques can improve your coping and outlook. Finding what works best for you -- while finding supportive people around you -- is key.

By George M. Carter

My Integrative Strategies for Managing Hepatitis C

As George Carter prepares to join the growing group of those cured of chronic HCV in a new era of treatment, he reflects on how activism-honed strategies of complementary care helped him preserve his health in order to be able to reach this day.

By George M. Carter

The Power of a Simple Multivitamin

Activist and integrative medicine expert George Carter was part of a research team that found that a very simple, inexpensive multivitamin can slow the rate of progression to AIDS by nearly 40 percent in people who are not on ARVs. He walked TheBody....

By George M. Carter

Countering the Slow Burn of HIV, Inflammation and Aging

Inflammation may seem like an inevitable consequence of aging with HIV. Learn what it does, and how food and other factors can quench the flames.

By George M. Carter

It Takes Guts: Probiotics and Other Strategies for Digestive Health and HIV

What should people with HIV know about probiotics, supplements or other approaches to digestive health? Take a ride through the long, fascinating tube called the gastrointestinal (GI) tract with George Carter of the New York Buyers' Club and find out...

By George M. Carter

The Cure for Hepatitis C, Withheld

In just the past month, a pair of drugs were approved that may forever change (for the better!) the way hepatitis C is treated. But as treatment advocate George Carter laments, the revolution may come at too high a price.

By George M. Carter

Fighting Back Against Pharmaceutical Company Greed

The high price of drugs is destroying what there is of the dismal U.S. public healthcare system. AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAP) have been crippled nationwide and the formularies of state Medicaid programs are under enormous strain. The pharmace...

By George M. Carter for Gay Men's Health Crisis

The Role of Dietary Supplements in HIV

There's a lot more to life than viral load and CD4 counts. And increasing evidence shows that taking a few extra supplements a day may help in a variety of ways.

Vitamins and Minerals

All the food we eat to stay alive and healthy is made up of vari...

By George M. Carter for AIDS Community Research Initiative of America