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This year marks Bell's 14th as the executive director of the Philadelphia-based BEBASHI (Blacks Educating Blacks About Sexual Health), founded in 1985 as the nation's first AIDS organization serving African Americans with HIV. Bell has been widely praised, not only for increasing funding and accountability at a time when HIV donations have plummeted, but also for launching such innovative programs as a women's initiative, prison-discharge planning, and, most recently, a diabetes intervention.

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Thank You, Mr. Sterling: A Blog Entry by Gary Bell

"This blog is not intended to thank him for reminding us that racism is alive and well. I am thanking Donald Sterling for getting HIV back in the news."

By Gary Bell

Ignorance Is Bliss (Not!): A Blog Entry by Gary Bell

As someone working in the field of HIV/AIDS, I have had many conversations about the topic with people ranging from politicians to middle school students. However, I will never forget the recent conversation that I had with a long-term (25+ years) su...

By Gary Bell

HPV Vaccination -- A Wasted Resource for African Americans? A Blog Entry by Gary Bell

In the U.S., black people are much more likely to be infected with the cancer-causing human papillomavirus (HPV) than white people. So why are virtually no African-American boys receiving the HPV vaccine? Advocate Gary Bell explores the issue.

By Gary Bell

Chagas Disease: A New Health Disparity -- A Blog Entry by Gary Bell

Ever heard of chagas disease? Well, you're not alone. There may be as many as 10 million people, including an estimated 1 million in the United States, who have it.

Chagas is a disease caused by a parasite, Trypanosoma cruzi, which lives inside a ce...

By Gary Bell

What Does an Undetectable Viral Load REALLY Mean? A Blog Entry by Gary Bell

There are many well documented benefits to reducing the viral load of an HIV+ individual to an undetectable level. Unfortunately, there also remains a some haziness about the term "undetectable." In actuality, it is somewhat of a misnomer. For someon...

By Gary Bell

African Americans Stand to Lose From the War on Contraception: A Blog Entry by Gary Bell

"As the debate rages about the need for and availability of contraception, we in the African American community should understand the huge stake that we have in this discussion. ... We can and we must demand more, not less, ownership in our own sexua...

By Gary Bell

HIV May Have Been Present for 32,000 Years: A Blog Entry by Gary Bell

Despite the persistent myth that HIV was a man-made disease, unleashed upon the unsuspecting, disenfranchised of our society (read gays and blacks), now comes more evidence that it may have been present in monkeys and apes for millennia. New research...

By Gary Bell

Opt-Out and Eliminating Consent for HIV Testing: A Blog Entry by Gary Bell

President Obama's new AIDS Strategy calls for a renewed effort to reduce new HIV infections by 25%, increasing the number of people who know their status from 79% to 90%. Crucial to the success of this benchmark is to test more people for HIV. This i...

By Gary Bell

Does Pregnancy Pose an HIV Infection Risk for Men? A Blog Entry by Gary Bell

Previous studies have demonstrated that pregnant women are at greater risk of HIV infection. However, a new study, presented at the International Microbicides Conference in Pittsburgh in May seems to demonstrate that men have almost double the risk o...

By Gary Bell

New Developments in HIV Eradication: A Blog Entry by Gary Bell

One of the most persistent myths about the HIV epidemic is that the government (or the other perceived villain-pharmaceutical companies) have discovered a cure but that, for whatever reasons, have not made it available. This reasoning fails to take i...

By Gary Bell