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Struggling With Crystal Meth? There Are Research Studies Out There for You

A multi-site trial will explore whether medicine can make recovery easier, while a New York-based trial will see how meth affects cognitive function in HIV-positive men.

By Gabriel Torres

Back on the Outside

An HIV-positive former AIDS doctor and activist reflects on what it's like being back in New York City after more than three years in prison on drug-related charges.

By Gabriel Torres

The Impervious Wall of HIV Silence and Denial in a Texas Prison

"No amount of self-reliance and confidence could have inured me to the flagrant homophobia, racism and HIV stigmatization I confronted," says Gabriel Torres, an HIV doctor who is in prison as the result of meth addiction.

By Gabriel Torres

Body Fat Changes: The Body Habitus in Durban

The mystery of change in body habitus, accumulation of fatty tissue in areas such as the trunk, the neck, the breasts and the upper back accompanied by atrophy of adipose tissue in the face (Bichat's fat pad), the limbs and the pelvis/butt, was not r...

By Gabriel Torres for Gay Men's Health Crisis

New Developments in Fat Redistribution and Metabolic Disorders Associated with HAART

The 7th National Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections devoted a significant part of its oral and poster presentations to lipodystrophy, which is more accurately called HIV-related adipose redistribution syndrome (HARS). This disord...

By Gabriel Torres for Gay Men's Health Crisis

HIV-Associated Adipose Redistribution Syndrome (HARS) and Other Metabolic Disorders

The 39th ICAAC devoted significant attention to the HIV-associated adipose redistribution syndrome (HARS), the new umbrella term for the various body fat composition changes that have become a grave concern to many patients on HAART. The disorder has...

By Gabriel Torres for Gay Men's Health Crisis

Lipodystrophy Update: HAL in 2001 -- A Fat Oddity

Just as HIV disease progression is highly variable, so too is the aftermath of successful suppression with the new highly active antiviral therapies (HAART). One disturbing newly emerging syndrome, commonly referred to as HIV-associated lipodystrophy...

By Linda Grinberg and Gabriel Torres for Gay Men's Health Crisis

PEPping Up Your HIV Defenses

Evidence that post-exposure treatment (PEP) with zidovudine is associated with a significant (79%) decrease in the risk of occupational transmission of HIV (usually after a needlestick accident) has propelled many to consider post-sexual exposure pre...

By Gabriel Torres for Gay Men's Health Crisis

A Short Two-Drug Regimen Prevents Active TB

A study that could have global implications on the prevention of tuberculosis (TB) was presented as a late-breaker at the 5th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Illnesses held in Chicago in February (late breaker 5). Conducted in the United...

By Gabriel Torres for Gay Men's Health Crisis

Optimizing PCP Therapy

Much needed research to determine the best prophylactic regimen for Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia has been on going in the form of clinical trials. In the past few months, two important conferences, the Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agent...

By Gabriel Torres and Jill Cadman for Gay Men's Health Crisis