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"A" Is for Adherence

Illustration by Joseph Litzinger

Maintaining adherence to medication is vital for sustaining viral suppression.

Adherence to HIV medications is not easy. After deciding to take medications, one must address and overcome challenging barriers.


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Jumpstarting the Immune System: A Look at Immune Restoration

Current therapies for treating HIV infection are not without limitations.

Adherence, drug levels and viral resistance are all paramount concerns. Some clinicians predict that upwards of 50 percent of individuals being treated with approved antiretro...

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Safety Concerns Prompt Suspension of Lodenosine Clinical Trial

Following the death of a patient, clinical trials for the antiretroviral lodenosine to treat HIV disease were suspended on October 14, 1999.

Other participants in the Phase II clinical trial showed elevated enzyme levels, which may indicate kidney a...

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Drug-Resistant PCP Strain Incidence Rises

A new drug-resistant strain of Pneumo-cystis carinii pneumonia (PCP) may be on the rise.

In the early days of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, PCP was often the cause of death in people who had AIDS. However, effective treatments such as trimethoprim sulfamet...

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Early Treatment May Not Be Best

When should a person with HIV infection start antiretroviral therapy?

Since the International AIDS Conference held in Vancouver in 1996, most everyone has agreed that aggressive therapy includes a combination of three potent drugs as soon as possibl...