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Erik Glenn, M.A.

With over seven years in the HIV/AIDS field, Erik has dedicated his career to furthering the cause -- supporting his friends, family, and community members affected by the HIV epidemic. Today Erik works as program manager for the Chicago Black Gay Men's Caucus, where he advances their mission of reducing HIV infection rates among Black MSM. He facilitates and plans social interventions, events, and forums for the community. Previously, as a hotline resource counselor for the State of Illinois HIV/STD Hotline, Erik delivered public health information to people in crisis and empowered callers, regardless of status and education, to become advocates for their own health. As primary trainer and coach for all department staff, he worked with his team to deliver high-quality service to callers throughout Illinois and the country at large. His dedication to consistent and accurate information led the State of Illinois HIV/STD Hotline to be recognized as one of the leading HIV/STD hotlines in the country. During this time, he also spearheaded the development, growth, and accuracy of the Online Illinois HIV/STD Service Database and managed a team of four who surveyed more than 3,000 individual HIV-related services across 200 community organizations for accuracy and relevance to the caller population. As an HIV case manager with Chicago House & Social Service Agency, he liaised with local leaders, such as doctors and public health administrators, to centralize service delivery. He supported newly diagnosed clients in securing financial, medical and social resources, which aligned to their specific needs. Erik received his master's degree in social service administration and social work from University of Chicago in 2011, and his bachelor's degree from University of Michigan in 2005. He has received training through Chicago Department of Public Health and AIDS Foundation of Chicago, with additional preparation from U.S. Centers for Disease Control. In his personal life, Erik attends and participates in community events like Ride for AIDS Chicago, attends charity fundraisers, and remains a trusted resource for colleagues working in the field.

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Can you get HIV by..

Can you get HIV by the head of a penis touching your vagina? Not going insidejust staying on the outside.

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HIV from a turf burn?

I was playing soccer the other night on turf and I did a slide tackle and now I have a 6 inch long and 3 inch wide nasty turf burn on my shin and a cut on my knee. I'm just worried because I know people spit all over the turf and also bleed on it.. S...

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transfer of aids

i did intercourse with night girl and both of us we get negative hiv1&2 test 17 days after the relation does means 100% i am negative.

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my dog bit an hiv person

my dog bit an hiv infected person, made a small laceration on his hand it bled some. Cam my dog be infected.

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HIV + Undetectable

I have HIV but I'm undetectable, the person I have intercourse with is negative. We had sex but I started bleeding while having sex is it possible that he can get HIV ?

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Cut while at work

A tiny piece of glass got stuck in my finger while at work and now I'm worried that it could have been exposed to someone else's blood.. Maybe a HIV positive person blood .. I did start to bleed a lil bit not a lot just a dot of blood came out. . Ple...

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Can HIV spread by using the utensil used by HIV patient?

I drank water with glass which is already used to drink butter by a HIV affected person. I used it immediately after he used it. Please tell me is there any chances to get affected

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toilet water in mouth!!!!!!!

Im preg and i had to throw up and i had some splashback to my mouth!!! I am worried about Hiv transmission! P.s the toilet had shit stains all over the bottom of it!

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Wondering if I have hiv

To whom it may concern I had protected sex and protected oral 9 months ago with a women who has had multiple partners and in the recent months have been noticing symptoms such as flu sweating fatigue cloudiness in the face I've taken 3 blood tests si...

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Can I infect myself with my own sex toy

So I have a swollen lymph node on my left groin, between my thigh, penis, and abdominal region. I had gone to the doctor where he ran STD tests (I have not had sex in 8 months), the results came back today stating I have chlamydia. I have been using ...