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Eric L. Watts

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The Politics of Homophobia and Hatred

By the time you read these words, you will already know for sure what I, in mid-October, can only predict with confidence: that the referendum to amend the Georgia state constitution to define marriage as the legal union of one man and one woman no...

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Personal Stories

I Shall Miss Loving Him

It's one thing to grieve for all the many loved ones you've lost to AIDS. It's another thing entirely to start mourning for someone who isn't even dead yet.

For nearly a decade, I was a member of the Atlanta Gay Men's Chorus. It was just a couple ...

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T-Negative: Who Mourns for the Survivors?

Chuck Foster was one of my three best friends during my senior year in high school. A New York native, his family moved to my school district in Irmo, South Carolina, the preceding summer. With long, jet black hair and an olive complexion, his Gree...

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Substance Use

Smoke Signals

It was cold. It was wet. It was late December 1997, and the weather was almost as miserable as I was. Standing outside the back door of the office building in which I worked, the cigarette smoke I exhaled was indistinguishable from my foggy breath....

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"Star Trek" TV Series Long Overdue for Casting of Gay Character

The original Star Trek television series, largely ignored by primetime audiences during its original three-season run on NBC from 1966 to 1969, found unprecedented popularity in syndication during the '70s on its journey to becoming both a successf...