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Eric Daar, M.D.

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Unexplained Chronic Diarrhea - Start Treatment?

I developed diarrhea after a round of antibiotics for a pulled tooth in August. After this, I tested for HIV and found out I was positive - 405 Tcount and 2,900 VL. The diarrhea has continued now for three and a half months. My doctor has suggested t...

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Truvada itching?

I recently started a treatment of Truvada and Sustiva. It has been 2.5 weeks now and over a period of the last several days I have noticed progressive itching over my body culminating in almost unbearable episodes of itching on my back arms chest etc...

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High RPR after continued Syphilis Treatement

My friend was diagnosed with Syphilis and as HIV positive in 2001. Initial efforts to treat the Syphilis included Penicillin shots and oral penicillin - neither produced a 4-fold decline in the RPR. I don't know what the original RPR number was but ...

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Rectal Ulcers

Greetings. Six months ago I developed some rectal ulcers. A colonoscopy was performed and although the biopsy didn't show any STDs or cancerous cells, the ulcers are still there after several months. A treatment against herpes was started with no suc...

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itching and wrist rash

I have been HIV+ for about two years ago. I started meds(Truvada & Sustiva) about 1 year ago and have had no real side effects. Just in the past couple of months, both my left and right wrist itch a lot. If I scratch it, it makes it worse and then I ...