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Ed Perlmutter was diagnosed with HIV in July 2006, and has been receiving HIV therapy through a National Institutes of Health (NIH) study since September 2006. He lives with his partner in an old farmhouse on the city limits of Boston, in the woods, amongst critters and varmints and dozens of varieties of dahlias. When he is not raising awareness as an accidental activist, he is a graduate student in health communication at Emerson College and works as a textbook publishing consultant.

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Giving Back Through Research: A Blog Entry by Ed Perlmutter

"While I may be a drop in the clinical trials study bucket, the blood and other data collected from me is now helping to analyze myriad data as people with HIV age," writes Perlmutter.

By Ed Perlmutter

My Shifting Seat on the HIV Merry-Go-Round: A Blog Entry by Ed Perlmutter

"I liken those first days on meds to a Holy War against the virus, thousands of sophisticated and trained pharmaceutical soldiers at battle with millions of copies of the virus. It was exhausting work ... and wars are not always won or lost in a few ...

By Ed Perlmutter

Start Where You Are, Use What You Have, Do What You Can: A Blog Entry by Ed Perlmutter

"I continue to believe that HIV testing should be as routine as cholesterol testing and offered in a similar manner. ... [I]f I didn't already know I had the virus, I'd have no interest in giving myself a home HIV test to find out that truth. At-home...

By Ed Perlmutter

Simmer on Low; Stir Occasionally: A Blog Entry by Ed Perlmutter

"It's time to regroup my brand of HIV activism and perhaps refocus my 'silent coalition' -- the thousands of individuals in [Massachusetts] infected with HIV who don't know it because they have never been offered an HIV test or engaged in conversatio...

By Ed Perlmutter

2011 "Fight HIV Your Way" Contest -- I Won Third Place; This Work My W(hole): A Blog Entry by Ed Perlmutter

Blogger and HIV/AIDS activist Ed Perlmutter took a third-place prize in this year's "Fight HIV Your Way" contest, a national photo-and-caption competition in the U.S. "While I did not win first place, I am deeply humbled that my entry was highlighted...

By Ed Perlmutter

Tear Down This Wall (and Not a Moment Too Soon): HIV Testing Testimony at the Massachusetts State House: A Blog Entry by Ed Perlmutter

I delivered testimony in favor of a Verbal Informed Consent HIV Testing Bill, now making its way through the Massachusetts Legislature, to a packed hearing room on Tuesday, April 5, 2011. While this bill is neither the Routine Opt-Out HIV testing mod...

By Ed Perlmutter

Routine Opt-Out HIV Testing in 2011: The Road to Civility Is Paved With Forgiveness -- A Blog Entry by Ed Perlmutter

There have been few dull moments in Ed Perlmutter's first year as an "accidental activist" for routine opt-out HIV testing. Here, he colorfully recaps the progress and obstacles that the cause faced in 2010, and reaffirms the importance of this fight...

By Ed Perlmutter

Sue the Bastards, That's What I Always Say: A Blog Entry by Ed Perlmutter

I am fairly certain that the Massachusetts State House is haunted, but only in good ways, by kind spirits. You heard it here first. Under the floorboards, behind portraits of fatigued-looking Governors of yore, in the uneven walls worn and rippled by...

By Ed Perlmutter

When I'm Right, I'm Right: A Blog Entry by Ed Perlmutter

"I can't believe no one offered me an HIV test." This became my mantra the summer of 2006, recanted time and again, along with anecdotes from the medical odyssey that began early January 2005 with what I thought were irritable bowel-like symptoms. My...

By Ed Perlmutter