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Donald Trump delivering the State of the Union address

HIV Advocates Should Work With the Trump Administration to End the HIV Epidemic on Our Terms

We have no reason to trust President Trump's State of the Union announcement on HIV -- and that's precisely why we should work with the administration anyway, Drew Gibson contends.

Candle and lily

Honoring the Love Shown to the HIV Community by Tree of Life Synagogue Member Dr. Jerry Rabinowitz

Before his life was so senselessly taken this past Saturday during the anti-Semitic terrorist act at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, Jerry Rabinowitz, M.D., spent much of it caring for people living with HIV.

The DMV Balenciaga House Meeting

In Florida, HIV Advocates Warn That a Blue Wave Might Fall Short

Unfortunately for Democrats, it appears as if the blue wave that is supposed to be sweeping across the United States in the 2018 midterms might crest and peter out before it hits Florida.

Arrow hitting dollar sign bullseye

To Pay for Separation of Immigrant Children, the Trump Administration Seeks to Raid Ryan White HIV Care Programs

The Trump administration has devised a scheme to simultaneously rip health care away from people living with HIV and to continue terrorizing immigrant children by shifting funding from the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program to the Office of Refugee Resettle...

The DMV Balenciaga House Meeting
News Analysis

For Immigrants Living With HIV, an Impossible Choice Between Viral Suppression and Deportation

The themes of separation, trauma, and having to decide between one's own health and the safety of those one loves can be found all across the U.S. in immigrant communities.

'Trouble Ahead?' and American flag
News Analysis

With Government Restructuring Plan, Trump Administration Takes Aim at Programs Used by People Living With HIV

The Trump administration is planning a radical reorganization of the federal government that could adversely impact people living with HIV.

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Primary Races for HIV Advocates to Watch on June's Super Tuesday

A number of primary elections coming up on Tuesday, June 5, hold particular significance for people living with and affected by HIV all across the U.S., regardless of whether they can vote in them.

In Stacey Abrams, HIV Advocates Could Finally Have an Ally in Georgia's Governor's Mansion Img

In Stacey Abrams, HIV Advocates Could Finally Have an Ally in Georgia's Governor's Mansion

A pitched primary battle between two young, female candidates for a space atop the state's Democratic gubernatorial ticket has already garnered interest from the national media, and it should be on the radar of HIV advocates across the country as wel...

Sex Education written on a chalkboard

Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Rears Its Head in the Trump Administration: Here's What We Should Do to Stop It

The Trump administration is doing everything in its power to roll back the objectively successful, evidence-based sexual education and family planning programs implemented by the Obama administration.

Fired Up and Ready to Vote: Evany Turk Mobilizes the HIV Community for Midterms Img
Personal Stories

Fired Up and Ready to Vote: Evany Turk Mobilizes the HIV Community for Midterms

Evany Turk is leading the charge to mobilize HIV advocates into a force for change in the November elections and educating candidates and potential voters on the most important issues for her community.