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David Thorpe

David Thorpe has been a New York-based editor and freelance writer for more than two decades. He writes primarily about gay life, HIV, and pop culture. His work has appeared in, among other publications, The New York Times, OUT, Time Out New York, New York, POZ, and O, the Oprah Magazine.

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Providing Medicine to Treat Opioid Addiction May Become Required for Substance Use Programs in New York Img

Providing Medicine to Treat Opioid Addiction May Become Required for Substance Use Programs in New York

New York State regulators and harm reduction advocates work to ensure that abstinence-based recovery is not the only option for people using drugs.

Nancy Pelosi clapping at the 2019 State of the Union

'We Will Defeat AIDS in America': What's Behind Trump's State of the Union Announcement

While some HIV advocates are hopeful about the announcement, some worry that other Trump policies negate any real prospects for positive change.

Transgender support rally at New York City Hall

It Took Almost 20 Years for Transgender New Yorkers to Get Legal Protections. Here's a Timeline of How They Did It.

Governor Cuomo signed the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act into law on January 15, 2019. But it was a long road to this momentous occasion for transgender New Yorkers.

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Housing Works Sues Phoenix House on Behalf of Transgender Brooklyn Resident

Housing Works filed a lawsuit today against Phoenix House, a national alcohol and drug treatment provider, as well as the director of its Brooklyn facility, on behalf of a transgender Brooklyn resident.

The suit alleges that Phoenix House violated b...

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"Hypocrite" Bloomberg Supports Gay Marriage -- But Not LGBT Health

If Bloomberg had plans to score points with the LGBT community with his big gay marriage speech on Thursday, VOCAL-NY had other ideas.

The indefatigable activist group staged two protests this week, one on Wednesday to call attention to the city's e...

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Demand That the CDC Reach Out to Transgender Youth

If the CDC doesn't ask, how can transgender youth tell?

Amazingly (or not, depending on your point of view), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does not include questions about gender identity or transgender youth in its Youth Risk Behav...

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Housing Works CEO Charles King Interrupts Obama AIDS Speech, Leading to Face-to-Face Exchange

Housing Works President and CEO Charles King once sidled up to Sen. Barack Obama at a urinal to bend his ear about lifting the federal ban on needle exchange funding. He didn't have to go quite that far yesterday to get a one-on-one with Obama about ...

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Housing Works and Co-Counsel Take Bloomberg to Court Over Proposed AIDS Services Cuts

Housing Works announced today that it has filed a motion in federal court for a temporary restraining order against New York City and New York State in an effort to halt the implementation of devastating proposed cuts to the city's HIV/AIDS Services ...

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HUD Official Addresses HOPWA Hot Topics, Including Immigration, in Toronto

The North American Housing and HIV/AIDS Research Summit is being held in Toronto this week. A collaboration between the National AIDS Housing Coalition, the Ontario HIV Treatment Network and the Department of Health, Behavior and Society of Johns Hop...