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Therapeutic Vaccines: the Return of Remune

Introduction to Vaccine Therapy

When Jonas Salk announced he had a vaccine for AIDS in 1987, people had never heard about "therapeutic vaccines." Vaccines were things people took to protect themselves from diseases, like polio or measles. But in rea...

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CCR5: A New Option for Those Who Have None Left

For people whose HIV treatment regimens have failed them, the development of new therapies is a race with life and death.

Although there are many HIV medications in development, most work in ways similar to today's medications. One medication that w...

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Editorial: HIV Super Bug and Other Weapons of Mass Destruction

On Friday, February 11th, The New York City Health Department, with strong support from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Dr. David Ho, alarmed the public health world at a massive press conference announcing the "discovery" of a "super strai...

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HE2000: An Immune System Regulator

Hollis-Eden, a small biotech company in San Diego, is developing a new class of drugs derived from a master hormone that helps run the immune system.

The first of these is called HE2000. A university study in Thailand shows it can help cure malaria....

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IBT: Finding a New Way to Beat HIV

We need better drugs or another way to control HIV! It's not that we are ungrateful that the age of weekly funerals of friends has ended. It is just that the current drugs don't cure the disease and are user-hostile.

Across the country there are ane...

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Don't Swallow: A Look at the Risks of Oral Sex

Beth Dillon of the Center for Disease Control's (CDC) most recent work focuses on determining the risk of oral sex transmission of HIV. But Beth was surprised this issue made front-page news. Her findings are far from the irresponsible headline grabb...