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Avoiding Tired Old AIDS Queen Syndrome Img

Avoiding Tired Old AIDS Queen Syndrome

For David Salyer, seeing the "biohazard tattoo" on HIV-positive men -- and their comfort level with their status -- has forced him to confront his three-decades-long journey with the virus.

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Cruising With Lazarus

Beyond the idea that perhaps God -- bored with the usual floods, earthquakes and locust -- created HIV as an alternative plague to punish us wicked humans, there have been other interesting theories about the origin of the virus that causes AIDS, t...

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Who Wouldn't Watch a Gay, Poz, Dating Reality Show?

I'm single. I'm gay. I'm living with HIV. I want my own reality show. Someone from the BRAVO television network, or even VH-1, should call me. Seriously. These are the people who gave us Project Runway (temperamental wannabe fashion designers are j...

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The Truth About Trojan

If you've listened to a progressive rock radio station in the last ten years, you might be familiar with "Trojan Man," the baritone-voiced superhero that humorously interrupts horned-up lovers and supplies them with condoms. But "Trojan Man" hasn't...

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Testing Positive: To Panic, or Not to Panic?

You will have a long and healthy life. So I'm having lunch with my ex at Mama Fu's Noodle House and that's the message on the sliver of paper crammed inside my fortune cookie. You will have a long and healthy life. After living with HIV for twelve ...

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Who's in Charge of Abstinence, Anyway?

Abstinence. Hey! Who's in charge of abstinence in this country, anyway?

Well, it's Wade Horn. Last December, W, The President, appointed Horn, an Assistant Secretary for Children and Families in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, he...

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News Analysis

Cruising With Lazarus: The Fourth Annual "Just Shut Up" Awards

Every year, people all over the world say stridently stupid, misinformed or absurd things about HIV and AIDS. Here's a list of some folks who make you wonder what, if anything, they were thinking before they opened their mouths in 2004. Their comme...

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The Dangers of Using and Abusing Viagra

Once upon a time, a big American pharmaceutical company named Pfizer accidentally discovered a new treatment for erectile dysfunction -- Viagra, the little blue pill. Originally developed as a treatment for heart disease, its penile erection enhanc...

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Ronald Reagan and AIDS

Ronald Wilson Reagan, the 40th president of the United States, died June 5, 2004, after a decade living in seclusion with Alzheimer's Disease -- the progressive, irreversible, incurable neurological disorder that causes losses of memory and mental ...

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Abstinence-Only vs. Comprehensive Sex

Back in 1996, Congress authorized $50 million annually for five years to fund state programs that teach abstinence from sexual activity outside of marriage as the expected standard for school-age children. That new grant program, created under Titl...