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HIV Quality of Life.

A google search on HIV these days usually takes one to a BBC article saying that people with HIV live near normal life expectancies and only take a pill a day. I feel there is something missing here and was hoping you could give me more of the realit...

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Therapist...NYC area

Senior...66 yrs. Old...HIV + diagnosed 2008...VL undetectable for several years now...CD4 350s...overall good healthy eating habits and overall light exercise...sharing house with 87 yrs old uncle...need therapist in NYC area...mid Manhattan if possi...

Social Connectedness and HIV: Strategies for Better Health Img

Social Connectedness and HIV: Strategies for Better Health

As medications for HIV improve longevity, other psychosocial factors such as social isolation have greater negative impact on the overall well-being of people living with HIV.

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Depression and Triumeq

A friend is diagnosed bipolar and dissociative.. He takes triumeq and escitalipram 20mg 1x and divalproex 250 mg 3x. Triumeq is his first hiv med.. He says that after taking it,.he gets queasy and cant eat for a bit.. I take triumeq as well and feel ...

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Hand and life expectancy

I have noticed that life expectancy is now in the mid 70s for people with HIV. I have also heard that HAND is causing major issues for half of HIV+ people as they age. Has there been any breakthroughs in medicine to stop Hand and improve the quality ...

The Science of Gratitude: How It Improves Your Health Img

The Science of Gratitude: How It Improves Your Health

"Gratitude is not just a nice idea," David Fawcett, Ph.D., LCSW writes. "When incorporated into daily routines, it can impact people's physical and emotional life in very meaningful ways."

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Can I still take psych meds with HIV?

I suffer from mild psychosis and a personality disorder. Now recently diagnosed HIV positive. My question is Will I still be able to take my anti-psychotic medication? Or will I have to stop or change meds now that I have to take HIV meds?

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Alcohol and HIV medication: are there harmful effects?

I see the risk of missing dosage from drinking too much alcohol on many different sites, but what is the physical risk on the body of drinking too much alcohol without missing dosages of HIV medication? I considered too much alcohol to be one or two ...

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Developed OCD while HIV positive

First of all, thank you for all the effort you guys put into answering the questions here. I live in a country where HIV assistance and guidance is not as easily accessible and our support systems are still at its infancy compared to the US. This is ...

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Am I in the later stages of hiv?

Hi, I have recently been diagnosed with hiv. I am currently awaiting the western blot test. This wait has been the most antagonizing wait ever. I am very stressed because I am displaying certain hiv symptoms which from what I read, appear in the late...