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Meth Use after jaw surgery

Hello there. I've been going through so much stress and paranoia..well mainly because I had jaw surgery done on me in november of last year. I've been using meth for a good while already lets see im 8 years already....til my incident of getting my ja...

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Can a meth miss form infection/abcess weeks after the miss has healed?

I shot a small amount of meth weeks ago and missed a little. It was soar for a minute but quickly went away. Three weeks later it starts to hurt again and a large hot bumps seems to have formed suddenly right there in the exact spot I had previously ...

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My Partner of 5 years wont seek treatment.

My partner of 5 yrs has had H.I.V. since 96 he is starting to show signs of wasting syndrome will not see a Dr. or try to find help. He has basically given up on life. I try to get him to interact socially with people but he refuses. He has good insu...

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Anal sex and condom

Yesterday i had protected anal sex with a male sex worker. I was the reciever. I bled a bit also. Today i am going crazy with worry. Should i be? The worker looked healthy and got angry when i asked him today if he had a certificate showing he was hi...

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Hiv test and antidepressants

Can antidepressants affect the HIV antibody test?

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street syrange injured sometimes we saw that syirnge are follow on the street & park,wich was used by drug user. while I was walking on the road and unfortunately that syirnge lodge in my leg.I am very worried about that chance of getting hiv by this way....

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Meth, the Other Epidemic, Poses a Real Risk for HIV

Even as we struggle to develop a coherent policy to address the opioid crisis, another drug epidemic already rages and is growing fast: methamphetamine.

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Ive been taking hiv meds now for 8 years I know a lot of the side affects can cause depression. Am 33 and lately Ive been getting worse with really bad depression anxiety and suicidal thoughts even tried taking my own life . Ive been seeing doctors a...

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How can I get sexual satisfaction while being HIV+?

I am positive, but undetectable now for many years. The stigma is still out there, and I can't say I don't blame the guys. I feel I HAVE to let a potential partner know, because someone did not let me know, and here I am. So, not to be too crude, but...

AIDS Survivor Syndrome: It's Real Img

AIDS Survivor Syndrome: It's Real

"The enormity of the AIDS epidemic on the lives of survivors cannot be overstated," David Fawcett Ph.D., LCSW writes. "Overwhelming loss, stigma and discrimination, lifelong physical injury ... and psychological consequences, all under the specter of...