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Latest by David Fawcett, Ph.D., L.C.S.W.

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Anxiety create suicidal thoughts

Hi,i have been on my meds (efavirenz) for a year now but sometimes I still get anxious in a form of panic attacks only at night which tend to create suicidal thoughts sometimes I can handle it sometimes it's just too strong I fear I might end up taki...

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What do i need to do to heal my arm where i done a shot of meth an now its swollen red an feels like a muscle or tendon has been puctured? It has alot of heat in it an is causing aloy of pain an little to no function

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Clarity on hiv

Please help me out. I helped my friend to held a bottle of methylated spirit when treating his wound but I didn't touch anything aside the bottle , the I started having some HIV symptoms such as mouth ulcer, nausea and muscle pain and I went for HIV ...

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Complera and Zoloft

Hi.. is it ok to take Complera and Zoloft together ? I know there is a remote chance of interaction between the two but how likely can that happen ? After some research it seems all antidepressants can interact with Complera Thank you A

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Genvoya an Drugs

Hello from Germany, I would like to ask about possible interreactions between this medicine (Elvitegravir/Cobicistat/Emtricitabin/Tenofoviralafenamid) and Extasy, GBL/GHB and Crystal Meth (iv). I take this treatment since 1 week. Unfortunately very f...

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Did I infect partner?

I learned that I was hiv positive 5 weeks ago; I have been on meds for one month. I'm worried that I may have infected my partner as he currently has a mild sore throat with one swollen tonsil. Five days before the sore throat he said he felt a bit o...

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Partner won't seek medical help

How do i cope with a partner that will not seek medical treatment for his HIV or anything else for that matter. When i mention to him that he needs to see a Dr. for treatment he just says why I am going to die anyway and I don't want to be here just ...

Skills for Conquering Loneliness and Protecting Your Health When Living With HIV Img

Skills for Conquering Loneliness and Protecting Your Health When Living With HIV

For persons living with HIV isolation and loneliness can be catastrophic, says David Fawcett Ph.D., LCSW. A number of interventions are being investigated to impact loneliness and its consequences.

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Thigh pain

Hello , I recently woke up with random thigh soreness it doesn't feel like pain more like I worked out but I haven't recently it ha lasted about 2 days is this considered a muscle ache I am worried it could be hiv related