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Latest by David Fawcett, Ph.D., L.C.S.W.

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Smoking Meth and Treatment Failure

Hello David i am wondering if smoking (not shooting) meth on average once a month could lead to treatment failure? how much is too much? reply kindly let me know the facts

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Drug Interaction

Hello. Thank you for the valuable service that you provide to all of us out here. My question: Is there any interaction between Genvoya and Crystal Meth? I started using Genvoya about 6 months ago and I haven't used Crystal Meth during this time and ...

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Just found out man I'm dating is on Atroiza

I have been dating a man for almost 2 years now and found hat he is using atroiza. What are the chances that I could get the virus?

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Perianal fistula & HIV - t-cells dropping

I was detected HIV last year, my CD4s were 700. I started treatment with Efavirenz and Lamivudine / Abacavir. After 4 months, they returned to make me blood tests and my CD4 is 400. My internist doctor tells me not to worry but I am very sad. I thou...

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I cant get out of HIV/AIDS phobia

Dear Doctor A week ago I've done the 4th Generation CMIA test and the Aptima RNA NAT test. The result of both are negative. The time I get test is 95 days after possible exposure. (3 Months plus 5 days) Many sources including the consellor told me th...

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Shooting meth

I just did a shot in my hand in between my thumb and first finger it didn't burn but afterwards it got sore, two hours later I can't move my hand hardly, I can't bend my fingers and numbness not to mention the pain is unbearable pulsating down my arm...

Let's Talk About Chemsex in the Gay Community, and Here Are 6 Ways to Do It Img

Let's Talk About Chemsex in the Gay Community, and Here Are 6 Ways to Do It

"It is the seductive appeal of chemsex to mitigate shame, loneliness, the search for connection, and even boredom among gay men that I believe is particularly disturbing and that our community must directly confront," writes David Fawcett Ph.D., LCSW...

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Query about hand in hiv

Can hiv related dementia be treated and stopped from progessing. Also tell if a person diagnosed with hand due to hiv return to normal cognition..

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Inside of arm very stiff and hard extremely swollen and red and with heat

Yes I was injecting meth but I didn't think I missed I woke up the next day and my arm is extremely swollen red hard swollen painful and hot I can barely move my arm is there a chance that was hot compresses this will go away if not what will happen ...

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Hi, after being exposed to HIV 15 days ago, I'm on day 14 of PEP (Truvada & Isentress). I wonder if facial lipoatrophy (sunken cheeks, temples, eyes, etc) can develop as early as two weeks of being taking these meds. I'm a male model and I make a liv...